June Newsletter Vision Changes & Problems

Vision Changes & Problems Discussed in June Newsletter started back as children.  Remember when you were little and never wore sunglasses?  Vision problems started back then and today you deal with cataracts & macular degeneration.  Are we doomed?  Check out our newsletter to get started. June news      



May Newsletter

May 2016 News: Hope You Had A Happy Mother’s Day from All of Us at the Holistic Health Center of Webster How May We Help You? The Team At the Holistic Health Center The Team of Marge Pickering-Picone, Christina LaDuca-Costa and Robin Marshall, RN.HN-BC  are all here to help you […]

April Already?!

April Already?! Newsletter by Marge Pickering-Picone April 13, 2016 Do you believe it is April already?   So many changes are about to take place. Everyone starts spring cleaning and preparing for gardens, weddings and outdoor fun. I love seeing people clean up their yards in preparation for bursting colors with […]



March News & Coughs Be Gone!

Happy March! This month the days are getting longer and our clocks are due to change once again.  Friends start to come out from hibernation and soon we will see nature do the same.  I love to see the difference when I drive the expressway in the Webster area. You can […]

Doctors are Perplexed

Doctors are Perplexed By Marge Pickering-Picone February 4, 2016 February is here and we haven’t suffered with the repercussions of shoveling or high heating bills like last year. Unfortunately, what we are dealing with is upper respiratory, possibly bronchitis and a cough that won’t quit. Many doctors are perplexed as to what […]



The Competitive Race Is On

The Competitive Race Begins  I watch as practitioners come out from everywhere vying to be the one chosen to help you with your goals for 2016.  Commercials on TV, Radio and Penny Saver, etc. sport all kinds of promises to help you overcome the problems that sometimes you don’t even […]

Happy Holidays! Looking forward to 2016

Happy December!  This month many are celebrating different Holiday Traditions. We wish you all wonderful and memorable times with your loved ones.  Glenn & I are starting this weekend and are very excited to see the faces of our grandchildren as they open presents here and then in California. Isn’t […]


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November News

November News By Marge Pickering-Picone 11/4/2015 November is here and the sun is still shining and it has been a beautiful week weather wise.   It is the month of gratefulness as Thanksgiving Approaches.  What are you grateful for? Easily, I can say I am grateful for my life, family, […]

October News

Sniffles, Sneezes & a Cough that Doesn’t Quit! By Marge Pickering-Picone October 8, 2015 It is the time of year where everything changes.  The beautiful colors of Fall remind us of the physical changes our bodies go through to tolerate the shorter days, allergies, turning the heat on, turning the […]

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September Nutrition News & Specials

September Nutrition News & Specials 2015 So Much To Tell You- So Little Time! By Marge Pickering-Picone September 5, 2015.   It is time to go back to school and that means it is time for every germ to cheer and multiply once again. What are you suppose to do […]