pain man 2Fibromyalgia Research Shows Correlation with Low IGF-1 Levels

Researchers have been working diligently to learn more about the debilitating condition, Fibromyalgia. Their results have yielded a correlation between those who suffer from Fibromyalgia and inadequate growth hormone production.

In a randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled study (Bennett, 1998) and a pilot study (Cuatrecasas, 2007) both looked at the impact of growth hormone in the treatment of fibromyalgia as well as the association with low IGF-1 serum levels.  These studies suggest that low IGF-1 serum deficiencies cause you to experience muscle weakness, high levels of fatigue and diminished exercise ability. Additionally, the study found that 40% of the proposed fibromyalgia patients were low in IGF-1 in comparison to healthy adults within the same gender and age bracket.  82% of the test subjects (patients) lacked the ability to properly secrete their own growth hormone. The metabolite of growth hormone is known as IGF-1.

So How Do You Replace Lost IGF-1?

TBR (Total Body Repair) is 100% all-natural and provides a body struggling to produce IGF-1 an alternative, pure substitute. Proper levels of IGF-1 improves endurance and muscle strength as well as immune response.

TBR (Total Body Repair) is an effective way to defeat the severe repercussions of this syndrome, making it a perfect reason to pass on the information to anyone you know and/or love that suffers from the debilitating symptoms of Fibromyalgia.


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