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I Can’t Drink That Much Water – I Bloat?

Tweet In general, increasing water intake is an extremely health thing to do.  You bloat because when you drink water out of a glass, you also drink in a lot of air.  When you hear yourself gulping that is a clue you are drinking too quickly and the sound is from the air that you are taking in.  It can make you fatigued, bloated and […]

Do You Know How Water Helps the Largest Waste Organ of Your Body?

Tweet   Some of us don’t even realize that our Skin is the Largest Waste Organ and we only view it as something that covers our bones.  It actually maintains our body temperature, supports our immune system and produces Vitamin D as well as some hormones.  It has an outer layer we call the epidermis where our skin cells constantly slough off and the inner […]

Can Water Help My Urinary Tract Infections?

Tweet Yes, doubling the amount of 8 glasses will seem to help drown the infection causing you to eliminate more often.  This volume and frequency will help to flush out the bacteria and toxins.  If you have vitamin C handy start taking 1000mg every hour until it causes loose bowels.  The Vit C is a better approach to restore the acidity to your urine than […]

Learn How Water Helps Allergies

Tweet All biological functions have one common player…Water.  Your body consists of over 70% water.  Histamines (that chemical involved in allergic reactions) are also involved with the way your body preserves water.  So, if you do not drink sufficient amounts of water every day, this chemical increases its production to help you hang on to the water you have and raises the level of allergic […]

Do You “Lose It” Over Little Stuff?

Tweet Do the little everyday mundane things that happen in life make you lose your cool?  Too many little stressors such as traffic on the way to work, chatty co-workers, too many emails to answer, those 10 messages on your phone or your children calling to ask dumb questions can make you lose your cool as if an extreme trauma just occurred.  Too many little […]