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Successfully Coaching for Health, Life Circumstances, Aging & Relationships has been Marge's Passion for over 30 years.

Successfully Coaching for Health, Life Circumstances, Aging & Relationships has been Marge’s Passion for over 30 years.

Testimonials from Professional Nutrition Services Clients is important to Marge as a successful Health & Life Coach.  Marge has dedicated over 30+ years of her life helping others improve their health and well being naturally. Hearing testimonials of what other people in different circumstances have to say sometimes helps us make a decision for ourselves to pursue a new area of help.  We were all brought up to believe only what our doctor told us.  Now with the internet, we can pursue more ways to take responsibility for our own health and preventative pursuits.   Personally, I do not want my life consumed by medications when I can do something to help myself.  I spent many years listening to the problems my parents had to deal with because of all the side effects their medications caused.  I wanted something different for myself.  I did not want my life to go down the same path as they did.  I found that MRT and using supplements put me on the right path.  I actually had my mother do this program and she went on supplements only for the last 20 years of her life.  It gave her freedom from side effects that she had compounded meds to handle the reactions experienced from other meds.  If she were still with us today, she would give a testimonial to a  better quality of life is what it provided for her as well as more finances.  Sometimes you just have to give something a try.  I always ask for 3 months.  It’s not a lot of time, you won’t spend a lot of money and you just might learn how to help yourself feel better.   These people gave the guidance and teaching a try.


From Sammy Q.

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I’ve been going to Marge for nearly 30 years and she’s ALWAYS helped me. Her combination of kinesiology, knowledge of nutrition and supplements along with her genuine caring make her an extraordinary healer.

Her extensive research, experience and training give her tremendous insight. I went to her this January after my doctor was unable to diagnose why I’d been violently ill for nearly 2 weeks. Within the hour long visit with Marge, she accurately diagnosed the issue and gave me the supplements needed to cure the illness. Within an hour of taking my first dose of the recommended supplements, I had energy and an appetite again – all this after not being able to keep food in for nearly two weeks! This is not hyperbole- it’s the TRUTH!

Try this service even if you’re in good health. You won’t regret it. Marge Pickering-Picone in a treasure and her business a wonderful benefit to living in Rochester.


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