Are All Forms of Vitamin D Created Equal?

d3We all need Vitamin D, but what many do not know is that the type of Vitamin D they consume is important.  Many doctors are writing scripts for high doses of Vitamin D2.  I recommend Vitamin D3 as we do not naturally make Vitamin D2 in our bodies, therefore ultimately our bodies have to process it and turn it into D3.  It is important to note that higher doses of D2 are not readily absorbed as it does not bind well to tissue receptors.  Many also have trouble because it is synthetically made from radiating a compound created from the mold ergot. Vitamin D3 is also synthetically made, however it comes from animal cholesterol and irradiated to form active Vitamin D3.  This makes D3 more potent and absorbable than D2. 


Our ancestors have told stories of how their parents made them take “Cod Liver Oil” to prevent rickets. They didn’t even know that it was a good source of Vitamin D3. Speaking of stories, I have one about a client that took very high doses (50,000 IU) of Vitamin D2 prescribed by his doctor.  I tried to encourage him to use the active form of D3 instead to raise his blood levels. Despite my recommendation, he chose to stay the course that the doctor requested and I understood.  Unfortunately, I received a call that his kidneys were in trouble and failing.  The high doses and excess D2 caused his body to absorb too much calcium causing calcification in his kidneys, otherwise known as hypercalcemia. Luckily, he is okay now, but only uses Vitamin D3 to raise his levels, as it is more absorbable. This is why when I hear clients say their doctor wrote them a prescription for Vitamin D2, I cringe.  


Excess calcium can cause real problems for your kidneys, heart, blood vessels and other organs.  Many can notice irregular heartbeats, brain fog or mental confusion. Calcium will be another future article as so many believe they need to be taking high levels of calcium.  


I want to leave you with a list of those that should really be concerned with using optimal amounts of Vitamin D3.


Arthritis, All Types

High Blood Pressure

High Cholesterol


Overweight or Obese (Vitamin D lowers as you gain weight)

Muscle or MS

COPD/ Asthma/Bronchitis/Pneumonia


Tooth and Gum Disease

Skin Problems

Auto-Immune Disorders 

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