Suffer with Splits & Cracks on Fingers or Lips?

Tweet To Suffer with splits and cracks on fingers or lips isn’t the only symptoms of a lack of a specific nutrient.  If you get frequent sore throats or canker sores, cuts on fingers or when heals are all cracked and bleed you need to start thinking about correcting your health.   Some will even keep cracking open the corners of their mouth or their thumbs […]

May Newsletter

Tweet A Message from Marge It is now May and what I think about is renewal.  Everything needs to be cleaned up and refreshed for new growth.  We can hopefully hang up those winter clothes and start wearing lighter weight, colorful garments.  Things start to look pretty dull over the winter months including our skin.  Winter wind and cold has dehydrated many of us and […]

Fine Lines & Wrinkles- Be Gone!

Tweet Just Imagine… You just received an invitation to a class reunion or a family wedding.  You take inventory of what is in your closet to wear and choose something that doesn’t outdate you.  Now, you look in the mirror and find 5 reasons not to go. fine lines & wrinkles dark eyes dry skin large pores sagging neck OMG, I am not going!  I […]

So, Who Takes Care of You?

Tweet We give so much of ourselves on a daily basis to others: working, cooking, cleaning, caring, connecting, providing, listening, and volunteering- but who takes care of us? Life has a habit of beating us down unless we set aside time to prioritize and take care of ourselves. We do not need to wait until “this task is complete” or until “that event has happened”, because we […]

Do You Dread Mirrors?

Tweet -How do you feel about the way you present yourself? -Is there anything you can do to improve your personal presentation? -Do you wait so long to do something for yourself that are unsure of what to do first? Aging and You The one thing I have learned is that if you don’t feel well on the inside the outside starts to show it.  […]

The Way You Look At “Wellness”

Wellness is individual and personal. Unfortunately when we seek medical help all of our symptoms are categorized. The antidote that is written is generalized which means thousands of prescriptions are given without knowing the outcome but they are suppose to supply wellness.

What do Aggressive Behavior, OCD, SAD, Hot Flashes and Sleep Disorders have in Common?

Tweet These issues are a few that require balanced, healthy levels of Serotonin.  Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that transfers information from one brain cell to another. These transferred impulses are linked to all aspects of your physical and mental health.  All ages can be affected, but it really becomes noticeable in the elderly as they become more “quarrelsome” as they age.   In our nutrition practice […]

Heart Issues

Tweet My own testimonial to Heart Afflictions. I had blood work done at my request back in 2006 through my PCP to test for markers that inform you about heart attacks, strokes and cholesterol problems. My cholesterol came back light and fluffy and non-dangerous. The other markers proved to tell a different story. I then started working with a Cardiologist and supplements. He advised that […]

Tired of Being Tired Testimonial

Tweet Being tired all the time really stinks. You can’t function and then you start not to care because you are too tired to do anything about it. I remember when I felt like that. Tired constantly and I was a 27 year old single mother and I had to go to work and provide for my little one. I had no help or child […]

Complete Rejuvenation

I Am Older Than I Look – How About You?

Tweet Most people want something affordable, that really works, to help them feel good about themselves and their looks. Things like Botox and Surgical Face Lifts are costly in more ways than just finance and yet many people think that is the only help out there to look and feel better about themselves. Many people have died from the anesthesia or have taken from their […]