Complementary Therapy

Do You “Lose It” Over Little Stuff?

Tweet Do the little everyday mundane things that happen in life make you lose your cool?  Too many little stressors such as traffic on the way to work, chatty co-workers, too many emails to answer, those 10 messages on your phone or your children calling to ask dumb questions can make you lose your cool as if an extreme trauma just occurred.  Too many little […]

Don’t Go Another Day Looking Older!

Tweet Stress can take a toll on your skin and make you look older than what you are.  Why look older when there is a way to help to manage premature aging.  Those fine lines and wrinkles can be reduced and those pores can look a lot tighter with between 2 to 6 sessions using the LED Light Therapy Facial at Professional Nutrition Services/Centre for […]

How Is “Stress” Affecting Your Memory?

Tweet Short Term Memory is absolutely affected by your stress level.  Steady blood sugar levels are important to how healthy your brain can function and your cognitive function is affected by your nutritional status.  If you have a stressful job, high carb/sugar diet, high caffeine intake and sleep poorly, you are producing higher levels of free radical damage leading to premature aging of your brain.  […]

3 Things People Use Everyday That Increase “STRESS”

Tweet These items are things that people use everyday because they are extremely fatigued and are looking desperately for a “quick fix” to get through their next chore or hour of work.  Caffeine is used to start many of your days.  Some people say they can’t be without it or that they have to ingest several cups per day because they are so sleepy.  The […]

Do You Have Ulcers?

Tweet Most of us think that high stomach acid from Stress is the cause of an ulcer.  Actually, scientists in early 1980 determined that most ulcers are actually caused by a bacteria called H.Pylori.  And guess what?  If you are an O Blood Type you are twice as likely to have an ulcer caused by this very resilient bacteria.  It is capable of living in […]

Do You Consider Your Life to Be Stress Free?

Tweet Stress shows itself in Mental, Emotional and Physical Ways.  We all experience some form of Stress.  Many people I muscle test try to tell me that they have a stress free life yet need help in areas of patience, tolerance, fears, nervousness, sleep problems, digestive disorders and bathroom difficulties (if you know what I mean!).  An article in an older Magazine named  “Real Simple” […]

Can you Name the 3 Forms of Stress? and How Many Have You Been Experiencing?

Tweet Over the month of May, We will be writing about all different types of stressors and how you can handle them Naturally. Now on with the answer: They are Mental, Physical and Emotional.  You only pay attention when it reaches Mental and Emotional.  Your physical Stress is in your body long before you realize it.  That recurring sinus infection that you cannot shake and […]

Does Stress Give You The Feeling of Having Your “Shoulders in Your Ears”?

Tweet If you walk around with your shoulders in your ears, your physical stress is chronic.  It is a physical reaction of stress to feel the stiffness in your neck and the tight shoulders.  Massage feels good but as soon as you let your mind start thinking those stressful thoughts, the discomfort returns with a vengeance.  One of the herbs that helps to keep your […]

Do you take NSAIDS?

Tweet   These are non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs other wise known as ibuprofen or Motrin, Ansaid, Vicodin, Naproxin, etc. They may take care of pain and you feel that it is your only direction for relief. The awareness I am bringing to the surface is that some of your daily problems of gastrointestinal upset, water retention and swelling or even kidney or liver problems are […]

Did you know that Acetaminophen and your choices of lifestyle may be dangerously toxic to you?

Tweet Acetaminophen changes the perception of pain through the body's central nervous system.  When your body breaks it down, about 5% of it is metabolized into a toxin to be neutralized by l-glutathione in the liver.  If you take too much for too long it overwhelms this process and damages the liver. Just so you know, Acetaminophen is one of the leading causes of hospitalization […]