Feeling Better is More than Losing Weight

Tweet It’s New Years so every body vows to start Feeling Better  and Losing Weight.   Weight Loss Programs are jamming the Market Place. The Radio, TV, Newspaper and Magazines are all boasting the best weight loss program around. I believe they all have something to offer and help many that are capable of sticking to their programs.  So, What is the Issue?  and Why do […]

Detox Improves Liver

Tweet Detox Your Liver Before Damage Occurs You want to Improve your life, how about starting with your poor liver.  It carries the brunt of everything you do and consume.  It gets blamed for a lot but have you really taken care of it?  It is a storage department for glycogen, iron and many amino acids that are used to build your protein.  It has […]

Helo is Here to Monitor Much More than Steps

Tweet Helo is not just a wearable device, it is a Wellness Device Monitoring your own health with a Helo makes you more proactive to the outcomes of your health.  the site to go to get your own HeloLX   Did you know that you can Monitor  your Blood Pressure Heart Rate Do an ECG.EKG Sleep Cycle Fatigue Level Steps Calories Distance Remote Monitor […]

March News & Coughs Be Gone!

Tweet Happy March! This month the days are getting longer and our clocks are due to change once again.  Friends start to come out from hibernation and soon we will see nature do the same.  I love to see the difference when I drive the expressway in the Webster area. You can see the brown barren trees start to bud and bloom until the houses and […]

Pedialyte To Help A Hangover?

Tweet Pedialyte To Help A Hangover? By Marge Pickering-Picone May 18, 2015 This morning I heard the “Today Show” mention that to help a hangover people have discovered Pedialyte. If you haven’t heard of this product, it is used to keep children hydrated and their electrolytes up, especially when they are ill. Parents have now decided to start using it for themselves after an evening of […]