Glucose and Insulin

Helo is Here to Monitor Much More than Steps

Tweet Helo is not just a wearable device, it is a Wellness Device Monitoring your own health with a Helo makes you more proactive to the outcomes of your health.  the site to go to get your own HeloLX   Did you know that you can Monitor  your Blood Pressure Heart Rate Do an ECG.EKG Sleep Cycle Fatigue Level Steps Calories Distance Remote Monitor […]

Take This Quiz…Your Health May Depend On It!

Tweet Take This Short Quiz….Your Health May Depend On It! Do you suffer with digestive problems?   Do you have unexplained fatigue especially after you eat? Is your body fat increasing? Are you anxious and easily aggravated or suffer with depression? Do you have muscle or joint discomfort? Do you feel foggy headed at times during the day? Do you get numbness or tingling in your […]

Why Should I Want to be Gluten Free?

Tweet   There are many studies that link gluten to problems related to inflammation in the Central Nervous System.  Some show balance and gait problem.  Others may have tremors, foggy brain, digestive or elimination difficulties.  Why wait until you are diagnosed with Obesity, MS, Celiac or Crohn’s disease?  Wean wheat and wheat products out of your diet now.  You may be one of those people […]

3 Things People Use Everyday That Increase “STRESS”

Tweet These items are things that people use everyday because they are extremely fatigued and are looking desperately for a “quick fix” to get through their next chore or hour of work.  Caffeine is used to start many of your days.  Some people say they can’t be without it or that they have to ingest several cups per day because they are so sleepy.  The […]

Glucose and Insulin

Many think that glucose and insulin are only important if you have Diabetes. Hyperinsulinism is more of a factor to having high tryglycerides (bad guys) and low HDL (the good cholesterol) because we are extremely addicted to eating starches. Foods such as pasta, bread, cereal or anything with flour and sugar is associated with excessive outpouring of glucose and insulin.