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Muscle Resistance Testing

Tweet Muscle Resistance Testing- A Non-Invasive, Painless Way To Better Understand A Body’s Deficiencies Why use MRT or Applied Kinesiology? The stresses of everyday living and the constant consumption of devitalized food frequently leads to a state of full body distress, which can result in clinical or subclinical nutritional deficiency. This nutritional status creates a need for supplementing the diet with vitamins and minerals or […]


A “Little Bit” of Weight Loss – What Is It All About?

Tweet A “Little Bit” of Weight Loss – What Is It All About? By Marge Pickering-Picone Many of have tried many different approaches to weight loss. When asked they start naming all the ones that they have tried and how many different times they have tried them.  Most approaches have all helped a “little bit” and for a “little while” and then the weight slowly comes […]

The Digestive Disorder Epidemic- How Digestive Enzymes Can Help

Tweet The Digestive Disorder Epidemic- How Digestive Enzymes Can Help Guest Blog: Nancy McCullough Stabins RN,CNHP Digestive Health Specialist Natural Alternatives, Inc.          Individuals are experiencing digestive issues and disorders at an epidemic rate. Acid reflux, bloating, burping, flatulence, constipation, diarrhea, insomnia, anxiety and immune system dysfunction can all be symptoms of a digestive condition. Unfortunately, current methods of testing have been shown to […]

June Newsletter- Allergy Strategies & News from Marge

Tweet Notes from Marge       Here we are at the doorstep of summer.  Isn’t it fantastic to see all the trees in bloom and the seasonal flowers popping?  The lilacs and wisteria are beautiful.  Unfortunately, my eyes are the barometer of too many things blooming at the same time.  People cutting the grass for the first time reminds me to close the windows and turn on […]

April Newsletter~ Message from Marge

Tweet It’s another month on our calendar and like you, I am hoping Spring will soon be here.  I love Spring!  The little buds breaking through the ground as the tulips, crocus & hostas let us know that the cold will soon take leave. (Keep our fingers crossed for that!) I am sure you are tired of wearing the heavy clothing and can’t wait to […]