Muscle Resistance Testing

Tweet Muscle Resistance Testing- A Non-Invasive, Painless Way To Better Understand A Body’s Deficiencies Why use MRT or Applied Kinesiology? The stresses of everyday living and the constant consumption of devitalized food frequently leads to a state of full body distress, which can result in clinical or subclinical nutritional deficiency. This nutritional status creates a need for supplementing the diet with vitamins and minerals or […]


Are All Forms of Vitamin D Created Equal?

Tweet We all need Vitamin D, but what many do not know is that the type of Vitamin D they consume is important.  Many doctors are writing scripts for high doses of Vitamin D2.  I recommend Vitamin D3 as we do not naturally make Vitamin D2 in our bodies, therefore ultimately our bodies have to process it and turn it into D3.  It is important […]

Which One Are You?

Tweet Are you the person that accepts limitations on your health? OR Are you the highly motivated person that when told you have a problem, you look for another way to help yourself?   It shouldn’t come as much surprise, but I am the second! When I started in 1982 I decided I was not going to go down the same road as my parents […]

Multivitamins- A Waste of Money?

Tweet Are Multivitamins A Waste of Money? Read what Marge has to say: Multi-Vitamins have been getting quite a bit of negative press lately. This is due in large part to the medical community’s lack of study in the use of supplements and nutrition.  The majority of the medical community often leverages very few, go to, “proven” remedies that help the ailments of their patients. […]

What do Aggressive Behavior, OCD, SAD, Hot Flashes and Sleep Disorders have in Common?

Tweet These issues are a few that require balanced, healthy levels of Serotonin.  Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that transfers information from one brain cell to another. These transferred impulses are linked to all aspects of your physical and mental health.  All ages can be affected, but it really becomes noticeable in the elderly as they become more “quarrelsome” as they age.   In our nutrition practice […]

Heart Issues

Tweet My own testimonial to Heart Afflictions. I had blood work done at my request back in 2006 through my PCP to test for markers that inform you about heart attacks, strokes and cholesterol problems. My cholesterol came back light and fluffy and non-dangerous. The other markers proved to tell a different story. I then started working with a Cardiologist and supplements. He advised that […]

Tired of Being Tired Testimonial

Tweet Being tired all the time really stinks. You can’t function and then you start not to care because you are too tired to do anything about it. I remember when I felt like that. Tired constantly and I was a 27 year old single mother and I had to go to work and provide for my little one. I had no help or child […]

Do You Sport a “Pot Belly”?

Tweet A “Pot Belly” may be from a poorly chosen dietary intake and then again your body may be trying to get your attention. When your body expands in the middle it is a great indicator that your adrenals are draining important nutrient values from your body. Your output of body energy is greater than your intake and it is stressing out your system. Your […]