Vitamins in Rochester

Chronic Breathing Problems

Tweet A little prevention from the right supplements can help to keep you and those you love as healthy as possible. For those with a chronic ailment, supplements can help reduce the fear and panic when you find it difficult to catch your breath. Your medicine and inhalers are there but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to reduce the amount of Oxygen Use […]

Chronic Breathing Problems

Too many vitamins. Take the right ones instead.

Seeking Help from “Vitamins”

Tweet Vitamin use can be extremely helpful when and if you know what you are doing. To just walk in a health food store after reading a book and buying their suggestions can ultimately end up in failure to produce the results you are seeking. When watching TV shows such as Dr. Oz because he has endorsed a particular vitamin, mineral or herb may not […]

Do You Suffer With Hives?

Tweet I muscle tested a young woman this morning that has suffered with hive break outs since she was a little girl.  She has been to hospitals and seen so many doctors over the years without any help at all.  I found everything from fatigue, stress and nervous system as well as allergies.  When these areas are deficient they absolutely  trigger problems such as hives.  […]

How clean are your Liver and Kidneys?

Tweet Think about it.  We wash our hair almost everyday but how often do you clean up your insides?  Could you imagine never taking a bath or shower for 50, 60, 70 or 80 years?  I don’t think so.  Our poor internal organs never get cleaned up and we bombard it with pollution, fats, medications, anesthesia, alcohol, soda, sugars, fried food, dairy, cigarettes, etc.  We […]

Allergies and the Overwhelmed Immune System

Tweet I hear many of you say that you don’t have allergies but you complain about headaches,  digestive problems, weight that won’t leave, sleep problems and even frequent urination and incontinence.  Many of you have children on ADD meds because you haven’t found another way to deal with their issues.  Constantly stressing out and burdening your immune system so it shuts down is probably more […]

More on Allergies

Tweet Are you confusing a STRESS Response with being an allergy?   When your nose stuffs up and causes pressure under your eyes because school is starting back up or you are trying to get your children ready for their next sports event the pressure can build up in the sinus cavities and that is a stress response.  That chronic history of sinus infections can […]

Do You End Up On Allergy Medication This Time of Year?

Tweet Mid August starts the season change.  Believe it or not, your pets start to put the thick fur back on and it riles up the dander.  Ragweed blooms and we start to react with all different kinds of allergy responses.  Some have weeping eyes and itchy inner ears where others sneeze, fill up with mucous and cough a lot.  Others go to extremes and […]

Do You Have High Cholesterol?

Tweet Free Radicals may be the main culprit behind your High Cholesterol Numbers. Doctors just hand out Statin Drugs without further investigation into the molecules being light and fluffy or thick and sticky.  The next cholesterol test needs to be a “VAP” Test.   What is a Free Radical? A Free Radical is a molecule that has one or more unpaired electrons orbiting around it. […]

Do You Feel Your Doctor Ignores You When You Speak?

Tweet I recently did MRT (muscle testing) on one of our former doctor’s patients and she wanted to know why I could list her symptoms without her having even told me or having read her file prior to her visit. How did I list these by just doing muscle testing when for years she has been explaining and begging for help with all of these […]

Muscle Testing at Professional Nutrition Services

Do You “Lose It” Over Little Stuff?

Tweet Do the little everyday mundane things that happen in life make you lose your cool?  Too many little stressors such as traffic on the way to work, chatty co-workers, too many emails to answer, those 10 messages on your phone or your children calling to ask dumb questions can make you lose your cool as if an extreme trauma just occurred.  Too many little […]