Toxins and Allergies

Tweet After a long day of Satisfied Clients, I thought I would treat myself to an Ionic Foot Bath to help my sinus response to the approaching allergy season.  After several of these detoxing foot baths, I notice the water isn’t as murky as it was in the beginning but I definitely notice that more heavy metal flecks and liver debris is leaving (which is […]

Do You Have High Cholesterol?

Tweet Free Radicals may be the main culprit behind your High Cholesterol Numbers. Doctors just hand out Statin Drugs without further investigation into the molecules being light and fluffy or thick and sticky.  The next cholesterol test needs to be a “VAP” Test.   What is a Free Radical? A Free Radical is a molecule that has one or more unpaired electrons orbiting around it. […]

I Can’t Drink That Much Water – I Bloat?

Tweet In general, increasing water intake is an extremely health thing to do.  You bloat because when you drink water out of a glass, you also drink in a lot of air.  When you hear yourself gulping that is a clue you are drinking too quickly and the sound is from the air that you are taking in.  It can make you fatigued, bloated and […]

Do You Know How Water Helps the Largest Waste Organ of Your Body?

Tweet   Some of us don’t even realize that our Skin is the Largest Waste Organ and we only view it as something that covers our bones.  It actually maintains our body temperature, supports our immune system and produces Vitamin D as well as some hormones.  It has an outer layer we call the epidermis where our skin cells constantly slough off and the inner […]