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Clear Skin Facials Can Be Accomplished with the

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C3 Mitate, clear skin facials

Clear Skin Facials

Let Us introduce you to C-3 Mitate

If you want Clear Skin Facials to ward off Aging or Acne, this is the one for you.  These Skincare Packages focus on repair so that even with one treatment, your face looks instantly tighter and healthier.

So how does it really work?

Other than plants which survive only because of CO2 for photosynthesis, most other living beings emit CO2 as a waste product.  What is the role of CO2? Quite simply, an oversupply of CO2, is the only way our brain emits the message that the body needs to produce more oxygen.

Narrow this information to just the face and what happens is a heavy application of this CO2 mask will ensure that the nutrient and O2 is absorbed more and accelerates skin cell repair.   When Co2 is abundant, it is also a signal to the face to produce more oxygen.

It was discovered by Dr Hiki from Japan and patented in USA, Japan,South Korea,Australia and Canada.  It is widely used in healthcare establishment as well as major spas.  When used correctly one can experience results in several different areas.

1. refined pores

2. lifting and tightening skin texture

3. reducing acne scars

4. reducing fine lines and wrinkles

5. whitening and brightening

6. reduces redness and swelling

7. improve skin tone and pigmentation

C3 Mitate can be used as a stand alone home care regimen.   C3 Mitate can also be used with aesthetic treatments to speed up results such as with our Beauty Gold LED Therapy Lights.   We offer packages performed by our Licensed Consultant that evaluates your skin and recommends the best skincare products for your personal situation.  For desired results, like acne scars, pigmentation, lines and wrinkles, it needs about one treatment a week over next four to six weeks to see a difference.  The severe situations should look at professional guidance to achieve your desired results in a speedy, cost effective manner.

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Acne Cleanse Package with our “Majestic Revitalizer”

We offer a 4 Session within 2 weeks called the “Majestic Revitalizer”  which is a fantastic “Acne” Treatment

60 minute treatment includes:

Cleansing/Exfoliating & Toner

Draw and Tighten Masque

25 Minute Gold Cleanse Treatment #3 LED Light Therapy with Aloe & Azulene Masque


Ultimate Majestic Package with C3 Mitate

We offer 4 Sessions within 2 Weeks plus Home Care

In House: 60 minute treatment includes:


Draw Masque

25 Minute Gold Cleanse Treatment with Ultimate C3 Mitate Masque

Regularly: $440.00     save  $50.00      NOW: $390.00

Add  30 Minute Ionic Detox Foot Bath to each Package session to =4

Regularly: $120.00       save $20.00     NOW: 100.00 with above packages


Call Now for an appointment and receive all the Bonuses

  1. Reduced Pricing for Packages
  2. Reduced Price for add-on Foot Bath
  3. All Facials are done as you relax in an Alpha Spa Bed



“Turn Back the Hands of Time”

6 Sessions within 3 Weeks

60 Minute Treatment Includes:


Hydrating Collagen Masque with 30 Minute Treatment under Red/Yellow LED Light Therapy Beauty Gold

Followed by 10 Minute NuFace Muscle Tightening Session

Regularly: $540.00      save: $60.00     NOW:$480.00


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