Crohn’s Disease – What Can You Do?

crohn's, diarrhea, intestinal issues

Crohn’s Disease Does Not Have to Be Doom & Gloom

crohn's, diarrhea, intestinal issues

Crohn’s does not have to mean life of Inflammation!

Many people wait so long to get help that they feel as though they now receive a “life’s sentence” of doom & gloom from their doctor.  The body runs on fuel from foods.  Not every “body” can eat the same foods and get the same result.  Sometimes you can eat a food source on Monday and try to have the leftovers on Tuesday only to end up with so much  negative reaction from your digestive track that you spend the next 3 days to weeks in agony.  You run to the pharmacy and get something to smooth over the irritation or call your doctor for a prescription remedy that makes you feel awful and makes your brain think all is okay until it isn’t.  So,

What Happens?

Most people try to eliminate just the “glutens” or “wheat products”  and some get enough relief to continue on that path until they are at a party or someone else is doing the cooking and presto, they are back in pain with a side of diarrhea.  Now the diarrhea won’t stop even though you are behaving except now everything you eat is giving you more diarrhea.  It lasts for weeks and you are getting tired, frustrated and you head for the doctor and the battery of tests that may or may not show anything but inflammation begin. (this is testimony from several past & present clients)  You may have lots of inflammation and end up having surgery to remove portions of your intestines or colon.  The best part is that after the surgery the doctor says, “you can eat anything you want as your food is not the problem.”  Oh my! We are what we eat and most medical professionals have very few credit hours of nutritional education to give you correct advice.  They are only a specialist in the exact thing they do, no more.

 What Can You Do?

The areas I am about to discuss are not age specific.  Intestinal Issues can effect all ages.  It sometimes takes a while to surface as aging, lifestyle, stress level, sleep, hormone issues and poor diet all play a part.  The more intense any one problem puts on the body provides the when, where and why it surfaces when it does.  It’s not pleasant at any age and the older we are the more we try to ignore it, hoping it will go away.  That waiting  and hoping period is what causes it to intensify, infect and reek havoc on life.  It starts the vicious cycle of stress reactions and stress can kill you!

Aging – Some really need to pay attention to the types of food consumed.  Others reach a mind set of “I don’t care” because it doesn’t matter what they eat.  They still end up feeling lousy.  They get “ulcers”, have dental problems, deal with stress of family life or cannot fit eating into their day so they graze and eat snacks all day or night long.

Life-Style – Some are just so busy running around with work, organizations, children, sports & family that they say, “some day I’ll get around to improving life for myself but until then, oh well.  They go to the doctor and find all their levels out of whack and walk out with a handful of prescriptions to “make do.”   To me, suffering everyday is not one of my options!  When you get older, you want quality along with longevity.

Stress – Adrenals are only suppose to help you when you are in “Fight or Flight” mode.  Most of us have higher heart rates and blood pressure because we are running on adrenaline all day long.  We tend to go, go, go and when we stop, we drop!  These are the people that do not tend to come back out the door once they get home from work.  Stress Reduction is a must!  Stress Mode steals and reduces enzyme function because you are in emergency mode not in a relaxed state for consuming nourishment.

Sleep – If you are not getting enough quality sleep, you are overly fatigued, running on adrenaline and beating on your nervous system.  Proof is the mind talk that goes on when you lay down to try and unsuccessfully sleep.  You just wish your head would shut up so you could get some real “shut eye.”  Did you know there is help for this?  You don’t have to drug yourself every night to get sleep.  That is messing with your body’s rhythm.  There is plenty of help but you really need to get to the bottom of why you can’t sleep.

Hormone Issues – This goes back to the Adrenal Fatigue and Stress Mode as these are the pieces in dire need of help so that your Male/Female Hormones can balance correctly.  There are several different Stress Hormones that demand refueling and since your Male/Female Hormones are at the very end of this particular food chain, it effects everything in its path.  Mood, Digestion, Bloat, Elimination, PMS, Menopause/Andropause and the list goes on and on.

Poor Diet Choices – Last but certainly not least is your choice of foods.  With any or all of the above problems, this is totally compromised.  Working with your foods will help but if you don’t start supporting the list above, you will be seeing a “Gastro” Doc for many years to come.


Start addressing some of the areas I just wrote about and if you cannot do this alone, work with someone qualified to Coach you in Nutrition and not just dietary choices.  This is too drastic and has gone too far to just change your diet.  You need Coaching!  Those that don’t, start out great and quit as soon as they feel a little better.

Become your own “Best Friend” and start taking care of you as well as you take care of others.

Monitor yourself – heart rate, blood pressure, stress, sugar levels, sleep quality.  There are great ways to do that.

You may find some help online to learn “Shortcuts to Health” from an expert in the field.

Crohn’s does not have to be a life time of “doom & gloom,”  it can be your wake up call to pay more attention to your health.  We do not arrive on this earth with an instruction booklet about how are health will be as we age.  We are suppose to learn how to eat, what to eat and wonder why we are not changing it before it hurts us?  It should fall under the three rules of living; “don’t hurt yourself, don’t hurt others, don’t break things.”





About Marge

Marge has been working in the Nutrition Field since 1984. She has over 30+ years experience working with vitamins, minerals, herbs and dietary adjustments to help others achieve the best quality of life. She has come through with success at times when traditional medicine failed. Joined forces with medical MD for 5 years to successfully proove that supplements can improve negative blood work numbers and help people achieve quality health in their lives. Founded Professional Nutrition Services in 1984, Created the Webster Village Holistic Health Center in 2013. Loves performing wedding ceremonies as an Non-Denominational Minister and offers Health, Life and Marriage Coaching.