DHEA Enhances Energy, Memory and Immune Function
By Marge Pickering Picone

DHEA or 7-Keto DHEA – Can it make a Difference?

Clearing up information regarding the utilization of DHEA or 7-Keto DHEA which is a necessary hormone made by the adrenal glands and that you need to know their differences.

Why should you be interested?

The way we handle stress has a lot to do with our type of personality as well as our genetics. Even those that proclaim to be okay and feel they are not affected by external stress suffer from more of the invisible, internal imbalances. Some just have a hard time admitting anything that has to do with the word stress. Your physical stress shows up in your life long before you mentally and emotionally know it. You can ask to have your cortisol levels checked but your traditional doctor may not offer any help in this matter as it does not fall under the usual look and see areas.

Adrenal Fatigue and Cortisol Levels seem to be the new kids on the block and are at the base of all our ailments. The other hormone produced by the adrenal glands and depressed by stress is DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone). DHEA is considered the most abundant of all the steroid hormones and is commonly referred to as The Anti-Aging hormone. As we age, the production of cortisol rises and the DHEA decreases which leaves us more likely to experience heart disease, depressions, weight problems, cancer and diabetes.

What does DHEA do?

Bone Building (stimulates Osteoblasts), Skin renewal (fibroblasts), Protects the Brain from aging decline (neurotransmitter production), Regulates and supports Immune Function, Low levels can be associated with other hormone levels, Increases Muscle Mass, Reduces high levels of Cortisol, Lowers Triglyceride Levels, Enhances Thermogenics

What are the benefits of balancing the levels of DHEA?

Enhanced Energy and Relieves Fatigue, Improves your handling of stress, Better Moods, More relaxed, Better Sleep, Enhances your Memory, Helps Depression, May help reduce Inflammation (arthritis, lupus), Improves Gut Issues, Helps Balance Thyroid, Helps the body overcome Insulin Resistance, Fights Allergic Reactions, May Reduce Cholesterol

The 7-Keto DHEA is a non-toxic version of DHEA. It declines with age and can be a major culprit in the later part of life. Urinary excretion studies show a 50% loss by age 50. Upping your level of 7-Keto DHEA helps prevent and improves many signs of aging. It is a natural metabolite or converted form of DHEA and is unable to be utilized to make Testosterone or Estrogen. The 7-Keto DHEA is also better at promoting loss of stored fat.

DHEA is a very important component that is rarely acknowledged in traditional medicine. Your doctor may look at a DHEAS which is the sulphated level in blood tests, find it to be too low and not know what to do with it. Over the counter supplements can help but please do it with guidance. Low DHEA, like low Thyroid hormone, is a major marker of Aging and is necessary in our bodies.

Can You Take Too Much?

The answer is yes. Too much responds as:

Anxiety, Easily Angered, Road Rage comes easy, Disturbs your sleep, Moodiness. So start at lower levels and work up. Also, if you feel this way there may be another hormone out of balance further up the line. Always work with a professional that has experience utilizing supplements as these are available to everyone through health food stores.

What Time of Day Should DHEA or 7-Keto DHEA Be Taken?

Take all amounts in the AM hours with or without food as the body’s natural production of DHEA peaks in the morning. If you take it at night you may stimulate your brain activity and experience bouts of insomnia.

If you or someone you love relates to any of the above indicators, don’t hesitate to pursue knowing your DHEA levels. I suggest you find someone knowledgeable in the areas of supplement usage.


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