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What is Anti-Aging Medicine

Anti-aging Medicine is the fastest growing medical sub-specialty in the United States and around the world, The basis of anti-aging care is to use the latest research to support the body nutritionally and hormonally, as well as looking at Environmental Toxins and Lifestyle issues that depletes the body’s reserves and cause accelerated aging.  Our focus is not only disease management, but to assist our patients to live long and optimally well.  The latest in medical research is bringing to the forefront that inflammation is the cause of many disease states.  Included in this list are Adrenal Fatigue, Peri-menopausal Conditions, Subclinical Hypothyroidism (thyroid), Heavy Metal Toxicity and Low Testosterone Levels. 

Anti-aging specialists work with their clients to understand the underlying cause of their increased inflammation, whether it is dietary allergens, environmental toxins, chronic infections, overgrowth of intestinal bacteria leading to altered intestinal permeability.

Another reason we age is because we lose our sex hormones.  Anti-aging specialists understand the importance of hormonal balance in men and woman and use only natural bio-identical hormones to correct any imbalances.  Natural bio-identical hormones are much safer and more effective, because they are the exact same molecule as the hormones found in our body.

What are Natural Bio-Identical Hormones?

Natural bio-identical hormones are synthetic hormones derived from plants that are made to be the exact same molecule that is naturally occurring in our bodies. This is different from standard hormone replacement therapy (HRT), because the hormones used in standard HRT are NOT the same molecule. There are often extra side-chains added so that these hormones are “patentable”, and therefore more profitable. However, because they are different than what are bodies produce naturally, they are harder for the body to break down, causing more side effects and sometimes an increased risk of cancer.


How do I apply Natural Bio-Identical Hormone Cream?

Creams are applied after your shower, preferably in the morning to an area of skin that is non-hairy with some sub-cutaneous fat. This includes under arm (tricep area) inner thigh and hip for women, and upper arm, upper back and upper chest for men. Creams should be rubbed-in thoroughly, with no other lotions to that area afterwards. Site should be rotated daily.

How do I take my vitamins?

The best way to take vitamin is when you are consuming food. This is how they do their best work. Instead of swallowing with a full glass of water and feeling bloated…use your meal.  Chew up a mouthful of food insert one or two supplements and swallow.  Your throat opens for the food and you will feel that taking your supplements is less of a chore.  This is easy way!

*Pay attention to your directions as some supplements are required to be taken before consuming food (on an empty stomach).

What Method of Payments are Accepted?


We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover Credit Cards as well as Debit Cards, Cash, Money Orders or Personal Checks.


Please note, there will be a $35.00 fee for all returned checks.



The most FAQ asked: Will my visit  be covered by insurance?


This office does not accept any insurance. However, some clients are able to submit their receipt to their insurance for reimbursement.  You will leave the office with a receipt that you may try to submit to your insurance company for your own reimbursement.





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Anti Aging Medicine | Anti-Aging Anti-Aging Medicine is the fastest growing medical sub specialty in the US and around the World.
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