Glucose and Insulin

The Story of Glucose and Insulin simplified.

Learning the importance of glucose and insulin may surprise many  when it comes to health issues and what normal glucose levels should be.  The majority of premature aging comes more from heart damaging atherosclerosis.   Everyone including your physician rushes to have you eliminate fats and cholesterol from your diet .  Statin Drugs are utilized in most middle age households.  The real question you should be asked is , how much sugar or simple carbohydrates do you consume daily?


Glucose and Insulin:

Many think that  glucose and insulin are only important if you have Diabetes.  Hyperinsulinism  is more of a factor to having high tryglycerides (bad guys) and low HDL (the good cholesterol) because we are extremely addicted to eating starches.  Foods such as pasta, bread, cereal or anything with flour and sugar is associated with excessive outpouring of glucose and insulin.


You make glucose (the main fuel of the body) quickly from the carbohydrates and direct sugars you consume. When glucose enters your blood stream, it needs to know where to go and what cells to fuel.   Your pancreas provides the hormone we know as insulin to handle the distribution.


Insulin arrives in response to a rise of blood sugars from eating.  Some of the glucose is used as fuel or energy and the overload is converted to glycogen.  Glycogen is stored in your muscles and liver for when you "run out of gas" or fatigue sets in.  When the glycogen storage areas are full the excess sugars are converted into fat particles called tryglycerides.  You recognize this as the fat or spare tire you develop around your middle that won't leave.  That is one of the  main predictors of heart disease and proof you eat way too much sugar and starch that produces  all that glucose and insulin.

What is the best blood glucose level?


The best blood  glucose level would be between 65 and 90. 


How to produce blood glucose control:


Bodies have been able to maintain blood glucose control,  through a diet directed to proteins, fats and plant foods.  Fats have no effect and proteins have very little towards what your blood sugar, glucose and insulin levels do.  Vegetables, fruits and whole grains release sugars into your blood stream at a slower rate. You will never achieve a proper blood glucose level if you consume high fructose corn syrup, skim milk, fruit juices, dried fruits, pasta, baked potatoes or white rice. 


Those that keep eating a diet that has large portions of carbohydrates has an outcome of glycogen and excess fat.  They start having high cholesterol numbers and  become resistant to insulin and keep producing more insulin to try to overcome the resistance. 

What happens to people with high glucose and insulin levels?


The outcome is fatigue and some will  keep getting fatter.  All  the excess insulin drives the blood sugar levels below optimal range.  The excess sugar in the blood damages your heart, blood vessels, kidneys, eyes and nerves. 


Even if you are not an overweight person just by aging you create more insulin resistance.  Your health is determined by the numbers that your blood work provides.  The more overweight the likelihood of diabetes and heart disease is in your future.


If you are unsure of where to begin or how to get blood glucose control, find a competent Nutrition Consultant or a Board Certified Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine Doctor who can  compliment your Primary Care Physician and help create a team that keeps you in your best of health.   Become the pro-active person of this team for healthy longevity.

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