Why Should I Want to be Gluten Free?


There are many studies that link gluten to problems related to inflammation in the Central Nervous System.  Some show balance and gait problem.  Others may have tremors, foggy brain, digestive or elimination difficulties.  Why wait until you are diagnosed with Obesity, MS, Celiac or Crohn’s disease?  Wean wheat and wheat products out of your diet now.  You may be one of those people that are just gluten sensitive and complain about fatigue.  Try it for 30 days and then compare the level of your aches, pains, concentration, focus, sleep and skin to what they were when eating wheat products.  Go to protein, vegetables, fruits, etc. for the whole 30 days……no cheating!  Even a crouton can cause set backs.   Most people have no clue to how much damage their body or thought processes experience from consuming so much white flour and sugar products.  Think of all the children on ADD medication that consume white flour and sugar foods daily.  Think it might help?   It’s a start!

What Can I Eat if I Need to be Gluten Free?                      

Many foods are gluten free.  Try fish, meats, vegetables and fruits.  Cheese, yogurt, tofu, eggs can also be included.  The health section of your local grocery store may have many grain alternatives that are made from rice, buckwheat or sprouted grains.  If you really can’t live without them the freezer section has gluten free pizzas, burger buns, breads, cereals and pastas.  

Today, many restaurants offer a gluten free menu.  Always ask or substitute a vegetable or salad for the gluten culprits offered with meals.  Remember to tell them no bread at the table to entice you either!  Remind your servers not to put croutons on the salad.  Many servers do not even know what gluten is.  

Gluten Free and Long Term Health

By going gluten free you are helping your long term health tremendously.  You are more than likely lowering your blood glucose level as well as your triglyceride level and raising your HDL level.  That is your protection against Diabetes, Heart Disease and “Diabesity”.  I have come to believe that the number one cause of death should be Carbohydrate Over Consumption.  

About Marge

Marge has been working in the Nutrition Field since 1984. She has over 30+ years experience working with vitamins, minerals, herbs and dietary adjustments to help others achieve the best quality of life. She has come through with success at times when traditional medicine failed. Joined forces with medical MD for 5 years to successfully proove that supplements can improve negative blood work numbers and help people achieve quality health in their lives. Founded Professional Nutrition Services in 1984, Created the Webster Village Holistic Health Center in 2013. Loves performing wedding ceremonies as an Non-Denominational Minister and offers Health, Life and Marriage Coaching.

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