How to Prevent Colds and Flu


how to prevent flu


Boosting your Immune System can help you prevent flu or at least, keep it to a Minimum. Unfortunately, Flu Season Begins When the School Bell Rings! Many of you have asked how to possibly ward against any flu symptom that is attempting to create havoc in our lives.

One item that has been written into many research papers as a way to prevent flu is the d3 vitamin. It is an item that can be checked for optimum amounts within Blood Work. The blood test is 25 hydroxy and you will want your level to be in the optimum range between 60 – 80 ng/dl. To raise it, you want to take the d3 vitamin versus the d2 version, as it reacts faster. Unfortunately, we can’t rely on absorption from sunshine so be sure you at least use a minimum of 2,000-4,000 IU per day throughout the season if you don't know your current number. If you feel the flu symptoms approaching…start taking more d3 vitamin iu's to help diminish the harshness and shorten down time.

Vitamin C should be an Ester, Buffered or Mild with a minimum intake of 1000mg per day as it will boost the immune system.

Oral Hygiene is a chewable probiotic that may help with bacteria accumulation and imbalance in the mouth, mucous membranes in the throat and ears. One per day after brushing and cleansing mouth is extremely helpful especially if you lean towards strep throat, ear or sinus infection history and a way to prevent the flu.

Raise L-glutathione levels with pre-cursors like Immunocal to boost the immune system. To raise NK Cells (Natural Killer Cells) with products like NK Cell or Biomune call 585-787-4251.

If you are around others who have colds, flu or virus and you would like immediate help…utilize the Naturepathic Products we provide such as: Cold Relief, Cold and Flu Relief, Allergy/Sinus, Flu Relief.

Call us for your immune boosting needs or to make an appointment: 585-787-4251.


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