Increasing Skin Hydration to Create Youthful Complexion

Increasing Skin Hydration to Create Youthful Complexion.

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By Marge Pickering-Picone

With the change in the weather, it’s important to keep skin hydrated to ultimately avoid dry and cracking skin. 42- year old Actress Gabrielle Union shares her anti-aging, complexion hydrating techniques in her recent Elle article that demonstrates the clear importance of staying hydrated.


Keeping our youthful looking appearance not only makes us feel better about ourselves, it is a visual proof of how healthy we are. When you have adequately hydrated cells you are protecting yourself from UV damage, invasion of toxicity, bacteria and prolonging those nasty wrinkles. If your skin is dry that is also an indication that your internal system is dehydrated too!  


The dry season officially begins as soon as we start utilizing our heating units to warm our homes, vehicles and offices. The generated heat is very dry and unfortunately activates the season of “dry skin”. Many can actually feel the moisture being leeched out of their skin leaving it tight, itchy and dehydrated. 


Dehydration is one of the key factors that prematurely ages skin. The lack of water actually causes cells to shrink. With a lack moisture and collagen, wrinkles, lines and deep crevices start to appear. Of course, there are many expensive applications like Botox or nasty chemical peels used to tighten skin, but these measures, in many cases, are unnecessary. Look at 42-year old actress Gabrielle Union, who uses natural methods to keep her skin youthful and hydrated. According to a recent Elle article (Click here to read the full article:, Gabrielle Union admits her best secret to her youthful appearance- drinking a gallon of water a day! Certainly, she is a credit to how staying hydrated can improve and maintain skin’s appearance and texture.


How else can you add moisture? Check out these few tips:


1. Use a humidifier to add moisture to the air.

2. Add proper fats to your diet such as: olive oil, safflower, nuts, salmon, and tuna.

3. There are supplements that can help prevent the dehydration of cells, like: ALA, Hyaluronic Acid, Methyl Folate or Fish Oils.

4. Bathe with warm water instead of the hot water as it tends to dehydrate the skin.

5. Use lotions that are non-toxic and add benefits such as Vitamin D, Vitamin E or Aloe. 

6. Do not use anything harmful such as soap to wash your skin.  Look to be sure it does not have Sodium Laurel Sulfate or other degreasers in the product.

7. Come in and experience the positive effects of LED Light Therapy with a Collagen Mask or our Infusion Steam Program in our Feng Shui Spa Bed.


In addition to increasing skin hydration, there is another all-natural way to re-create youthful skin. I discovered this technique out West at a conference.  It is a gentler, more natural and less expensive way to slow the aging skin especially on your face.  This anti-aging method is obtained through the use of Light Emitting Diodes (LED).


LED lights are designed to send energy streams deep into the layers of your skin.  The red stimulates collagen production and returns the dehydrated cells back to their youthful plump size reducing those large pores. The yellow reduces inflammation such as redness, acne, and sun damage. LED light therapy is an effective, harmless, all-natural way to help slow the aging process. 


Here at Professional Nutrition Services, we offer a series of LED Light Therapy Treatments to improve collagen, acne, rosacea and wrinkles.  LED lights are available in 30 minute sessions. We also offer full body LED light therapy session to help moisturize under the layers of your skin for longer lasting relief from dry skin problems. These relaxing sessions also help reduce tight muscles, warm your bones and leave you relaxed and de-stressed.



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