What are ingrown hairs and how do we help prevent them.

Ingrown hairs or folliculitis as it is called is not only annoying but can be painful.
A loofa can become your new best friend, exfoliation is key to helping expose the hairs that somehow have managed to be pointed in the wrong direction pointing inward instead of outward, it is very common on women's legs and is caused by shaving to close. It may also be seen on the faces and necks of men. Typically, repeated tiny cuts caused by the razor on the skin often create small openings. The minute openings are created and bacteria is allowed to enter the skin and invade the deeper hair follicles. Additionally, excessively close shaving may cause trapping of small hairs beneath the skin surface, causing more inflammation.

With proper training by a licensed esthetician and good skin care this can be avoided.
• Use only a non-acnegenic shaving cream specially formulated for sensitive skin, with lots of lubricating agents (foam-based shaving creams can dry and irritate your skin).
• Our private label PNS LIMU cleanser if perfect for this very thing (only available at Professional Nutrition Services) stop by and pick some up.
• Do not use any product that has alcohol, it will seriously worsen ingrown hairs by drying the skin and closing the pores. We have many non alcohol based products here at Professional Nutrition Services.
2. Improve your skin's surface
Our Beauty Gold LED light therapy treatment will help and heal those sore unsightly bumps see an improvement in only one application. Call and ask for Jackie and make your appointment today!
There are so many more tips I have for this unsightly and painful condition to many to mention in a short blog, however call and make an appointment and we can set time aside just for you. That will give us all the time in the world. Hope to see you soon.

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