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Spa Feng Shui Capsule or Hydration Station

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Temperatures in the Northeast mean dry skin and muscle tension from the cold. There is hydration solution that offers natural cleansing.

We have a Spa Feng Shui TM Bed that has several full body  LED Light Therapy programs  that range from relaxation to cellulite services resulting in a complete full body and mind stress treatment.

How Does the Spa Feng Shui TM Bed improve my quality of life?

The Spa Feng Shui 'sTM purpose is to Moisturize, Hydrate, Rejuvenate, Relax and Balance your body – mind experience.  It offers what you normally seek by taking a vacation or a long weekend. 

How Does This Take Place?

Historically, water has been the single most important determination of life's evolution.  It is the true foundation of all living matter.  More then 70% of the earth's surface is covered by water and the human body is over 90% water.  Therefore, it should be no surprise that theories, philosophies and experiences believe in the power of water.


enhances product absorption, heats the body, enhances moisturization in the skin and keeps the topical products moist and pliable, promoting deeper and more even absorption of skincare products.  The body works effectively to absorb moisture while enveloped in a blanket of condensation from the steam.

Ancient Times and Beliefs have always used the Power of Heat.  Ancient philosophy implemented heat in ceremonies for Physical Cleansing, Purification, Mental Clarity and Spiritual Awakening.

Radiant Heat Technology

is used  to heat the body through conversion, heating objects directly without having to heat the surrounding air first.  It was patented in 1965 by Fuji Medical.  In 1981, United States Hospitals began using radiant heat in nurseries to keep infants warm.  Energy output is naturally tuned to correspond with the human body.  It is naturally produced by the sun and our bodies.

Radiant Heat Facts:  Invisible to the human eye, Felt as heat, Relies on the body to create heat, heats at cooler temperatures than dry heat.

Radiant Heat Benefits:  Warms the body from the inside-out, Enhances product absorption, deep relaxation and cleanses the skin and body.

Ceramic Dry Heat:  Six turbo fans circulate heat at nearly 900 watts strong, provides ambient temperature of 65C/170F within the capsule, comforting and soothing, it can be used to dry excess water from the body's surface before exiting the capsule.


Hydrofusion TM

A powerful vortex of energy created by the combination of steam and radiant heat.  The body is efficiently heated from within, while a layer of moisture seals in the heat.  As the body attempts to naturally cool itself the moisture steam is absorbed as well as any products applied achieving heightened results.

The Secret is Q-Thermic TM Dermostimulation:

  1. Radiant heat warms the body
  2. Ceramic dry heat warms the air
  3. Steam developes a seal on the skin surface
  4. Hydrofusion aids in the moisture absorption



State-of-the-art digital lighting technology (LED) and strategically located color light stations generate a variety of rich and atmospheric colored lights.  The Spa Feng Shui pre-set programs feature a different Colorbath with programmed color changes and multicolor cross fades made up of all the colors of the spectrum, from soothing and relaxing to balancing and energizing.

RED:  is stimulating & rejuvenating

ORANGE: is emotionally uplifting and calming

YELLOW: sincerity and joy

GREEN: promotes balance

BLUE: relaxes and recharges body through relaxation

VIOLET: relaxes and quiets nerves and cleanses the mind

TURQUOISE: Immune system



Vibration Therapy:

Spa Feng ShuiTM  utilizes mechanical vibration to the whole body.  It has an adjustable pulsating harmonic rhythm that  ranges from rapid strokes to long, deep waves.  Each program is appropriately set to offer different vibration therapy.

What Does Vibration Therapy Help?

Bruising – breaks up stagnation of blood and improves circulation

Arthritis – increases joint mobility

Bone Fractures – builds up bone mass.

Also utilized in areas such as Fibromyalgia, MS, Cellulite reduction, boosts lymphatic drainage and encourages the healing of broken bones.


Music Therapy:

Promotes healing and enhances quality of life thru vibrational sounds.  It can be in the form of relaxing music or motivational and/or subliminal messages.  Paraliminals are also available ( used with headphones where affirmational information is spoken in both ears simultaneously).




provides deep relaxation, creates optimal results and released during program 2 ways– our Manual Reservoir and through the automatic Vitamin and Mineral Steam Tank.  Aromatherapy has been utilized for centuries.  We use pure essential oils at this facility.


The Hydration Capsule uses steam and multiple forms of heat which increases circulation that results in releasing muscle tension. Take this and add oxygen infused products which provide a natural cleansing blanket that covers the body with vitamins and minerals leaving your body smooth and relieved of muscle tension.


Click here to go to YouTube for information from American Medical Review on Light Force Therapy


Tell Me About the Experience:

Muscle health is better than muscle tension.  The equipment is a capsule that you get into and the lid is closed up to the neck. Your face and head remain outside of the unit refreshed by facial fans yet receiving the steam benefits. Then the unit envelops the body inside the capsule with a combination of vitamin and mineral infused steam, special aromatherapy, heat and gentle vibration, which totally relaxes the body but more importantly hydrates the skin and leaves you with a complete stress treatment massage as you breathe the aromas and listen to soothing music. A gentle bell lets you know when you are approaching your last 2 minutes.

You lift the cover and bring yourself back to the present moment. The temperature in the vibrating massage bed is adjustable. A typical session lasts 30 minutes where you experience relaxation and rejuvenation by offering an indulgent and harmonious blend of elements including

  • radiant heat
  • steam
  • vibratory massage
  • color therapy
  • aromatherapy
  • sound therapy
  • 12 pre-set 30 minute program

Wine Scrub and Chocolate Facial 

These 3 videos will walk you through the entire experience…..


The Introduction



The Wine Scrub

Chocolate Facial and Spa Feng Shui Magic


Are you ready for your hour of indulgence?  Give us a call to make your appointment now…..585-787-4251  

Ionic Detox Foot Baths and Light Lunch can be added as well!  Just ask when booking appointment.




If you are an avid Tanning person, The Hydration offered with the Spa Feng Shui Programs will re-hydrate your skin and make your tan deeper which will make the tan last longer. Enjoy the Experience …..swimsuit is optional! Call for your preferred time slot….(585)787-4251

This YouTube overview shows the complete experience for the Spa Feng ShuiTM which is also now known as the Hydration Station.  This Spa Bed offers several programs of which one is for the Tanning World.





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