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Successfully Coaching for Health, Life Circumstances, Aging & Relationships has been Marge's Passion for over 30 years.

Successfully Coaching for Health, Life Circumstances, Aging & Relationships has been Marge’s Passion for over 30 years.

What is Coaching about? Ever wish you had someone to help guide you in the right direction? Someone to encourage you to be the best you can be? Someone with experience in Life, Business, Marriage, Step-Parenting, Aging and Relationships?  Need help getting to the deeper level?  Want someone you feel comfortable with?  Want someone  genuine? Want someone to guide you on your journey of Life & Health & Love?  Now you can achieve your’s with Marge Pickering-Picone


First Session:

  1. Create a Crystal Clear Vision of the kind of Life Path you are trying to create.
  2. Uncover the “Hidden Challenges” that sabotage your successes.
  3. Leave the session Renewed, Re-Energized and Inspired to create & attract the type of Life Path you Desire.

The best part about Coaching Sessions is that they can be done in person, on the phone or Face time.  It is your choice! They are all effective and can get you moving in the direction you desire.  The more open and honest you are the faster you reach that area of Feeling Great about yourself.  If their are health matters involved, Marge’s experience in the natural approach can be of service as

Learn what to do from Marge’s Experience & Expertise.

well.  If you feel stuck, lost, mid life crisis or know something needs to change, this is an affordable, effective method.  Learn how to become your own “best friend” so that you treat yourself as well as you do others.  Are you actually depressed or tired and heavy hearted?  It makes a difference.  Tired of being Tired?  Maybe the abilities & experience Marge has to offer just might help you reach your goal of Feeling Great!  She has over 34 years experience in helping hundreds from all ages to achieve their goals. Call to find out if  Coaching Sessions are right for you. Marge is available by appointment Only.

To Change and Achieve your Goals takes Time.  Recommended 3 Months of Coaching Minimally

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