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Isagenix Products  how to purchase direct or become a distributor to get better pricing.

Home of the Vanilla and Chocolate Shakes that you love!  Also available is the Isapro and the “Want More Energy” drinks to help manage your electrolyte levels. Walt Fritz is a physical therapist who specializes in creating lasting relief from pain. Through Myofascial Release treatment, he brings 25 years of experience in helping to change lives. Unlike any physical therapy you have experienced before, Walt treats each person as an individual. Experience the difference. TomPorpiglia –  Our bodies are a myriad of energy systems, and stuck energy manifests itself as illness.  I know that sounds a bit outrageous, AND, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) along with other Energy Psychology methods, are the fastest, simplest and most effective tools in the field of health and healing today.



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