March News & Coughs Be Gone!

st patty pic for newsletterHappy March! This month the days are getting longer and our clocks are due to change once again.  Friends start to come out from hibernation and soon we will see nature do the same.  I love to see the difference when I drive the expressway in the Webster area. You can see the brown barren trees start to bud and bloom until the houses and yards behind them disappear.  I love feeling healthy and staying healthy. I’ve included a couple of articles that may help you or someone you love get to that healthy place. Enjoy the warm days we are about to experience!  

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Do You Have the Cough That Won’t Quit?

By Marge Pickering-Picone

March 7, 2016

breatheA cough originates from a reaction to inflammation. The more inflammation in the lungs the harder it is to breathe. I recently struggled with this type of cough and can personally attest to how frustrating it was. I wanted more than anything to make it stop. I tried every type of medication my doctor offered and now multiple bottles of partially used medications sit in my cabinet because none of them worked. Nutrition is incredibly important, especially when the body is fighting off an ailment, so I paid close attention to my dietary intake- striving to eliminate dairy, wheat and alcohol and yet I still felt horrible. Clearly I am not the only one who has struggled with prolonged chest congestion, as many of my sentiments have been echoed by my clients. The words, “My chest seemed to rattle more from the inhalers, prednisone and cough suppressants,” are words I hear over and over as they look to Marge to come the rescue!

The germs today come out as a full force arsenal and they seem to be immune to what our doctors are offering.  I’ve learned that this is a result of how toxic we become. The combination of what is in our water, food, environment mixed with mental, physical and emotional stresses, can cause a health disaster.  If it does not show up on an X-ray or in your blood work, there is very little that can be done medically to fix it.  If you or anyone is suffering with this, call and ask for “Marge’s Choice”.  This all-natural combination starts to eliminate toxins from your system, as well as hydrates your internal organs to supply your system with the nutrients it lacks when the immune system struggles with ailments. Additionally, it also includes an amino acid that helps to reduce the cough. Instructions on how to utilize the supplements in “Marge’s Choice” and ideas for additional help are included.

If you are near the office, include the Ionic Footbath! For me, taking the correct combination of supplements, in addition to the footbath, finally knocked out my persistent cough! Let me help you do the same. A 30 minute session is only $30.00 or $25.00 when it is added on to another service.  Inexpensive and very effective!  Call us today: 585-787-4251

To learn more about the ionic Footbath- click the link below.


Suffering from Low Energy?

Low Energy hits every age bracket. It may be making you feel lethargic, moody and/or lazy. Typically, many feel that they have very little images-2desire to do much of anything. What do we usually deduce from this?  We often feel we need more exercise and this is the reason for our low energy. However after joining a gym and never having the energy to go. Next, we change our diets, but lapse from that when we realize we are still exhausted. Why bother with any of this if it is not helping?  We keep pushing ourselves until something gives.  It usually knocks us down with a bonafide ailment, minor injury or some type of family interference.  Now we have spent money, hurt ourselves or ended up back at square one where we still feel dragged out and tired.  What can you do?

One of the best ways to restore your lost energy is with a MRT appointment with your friendly Nutrition Consultant, Marge. By determining the vitamins and minerals your own body lacks, you can effectively restore those deficiencies to feel great again. Another option is to try one of “Marge’s Choice” Combinations. It includes instructions and products that Marge would likely choose to help you with your ailment.

Don’t suffer- pursue health and wellness! Call Marge today and get back to feeling great: 585-787-4251

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IMG_7246Resolve to Be Happier

Robin Marshall, RN, HN-BC Certified HeartMath® Coach

March 7, 2016


Happiness is not reserved for the lucky ones. Our experience of happiness is dependent on many factors. These factors include our health, relationships, and how we will bounce back from challenges. Stress is one of the top inhibitors of happiness and it can erode our health.


Our mental and emotional resilience helps us to recover from and adapt to stressful situations that challenge us. Finding inspirational waysstress that refresh ourselves can make a big difference in our day to day attitudes and increase our natural resilience.


In today’s rapidly changing interconnected world, we are exposed to more stressors:


The Stress Environment: Today most everyone feels overloaded at times. Most of us have to deal with more information coming in than the mind can keep up with. Being overloaded means your emotions can’t keep up with the events in your life, so you feel more reactive, impatient, irritable, frustrated, or worried. This mental stress can take its toll.


Stimulation Fatigue: To keep up with the pace, we drink too much caffeine or take other stimulants to overcome the effects of mental and emotional fatigue and sleep deprivation. This can lead to stimulation fatigue (sometimes called adrenal fatigue).


When the above situations occur, stress can’t be effectively released by the body and can disrupt hormonal and sleep rhythms and our over all happiness. There are tools and tips we can use to gain a better night’s sleep!


Here are a few tips to care to unlock the HAPPINESS inside you:


  • Remember to make yourself a priority. Building inner resilience requires self-care. Call on your inner heart happiness to help make it happen. Make a commitment to do at least one nurturing activity a week—starting now.
  • Remember to give yourself a break! Use your heart power to trade negative self-talk for self-kindness. Negative thoughts use precious energy that could go towards something productive. Replace them with positive, compassionate messages to give a real boost to your self-worth.
  • Create a positive self-mantra. Choose a simple short phrase; repeat it every day. A mantra should speak to the emotional experience of what you’d like to create inside.
  • I am loving and kind towards myself first. This allows me to give to others from my place of balance.
  • Honoring and making time for my inner stillness practice will deepen my heart connection with others.
  • I appreciate myself for all that I am and all that I am becoming.
  • Let it go! When interactions or situations trigger flared responses that send the mind on a negative tangent, ask yourself if this is really a good use of your energy and time?


zenInterested in the NEW HAPPIER Version of YOU? I will show you how with scientifically validated techniques using the HeartMath® Coaching system.

I will give you the tools to deactivate negative emotions and renew yourself with heart-centered positive energy.

Together we will uncover the NEW Happier You.

Call and schedule a FREE Get Acquainted Session to learn more!


Robin Marshall   201.220.3558


Resolve to be Happier…YOU deserve it!!


About Marge

Marge has been working in the Nutrition Field since 1984. She has over 30+ years experience working with vitamins, minerals, herbs and dietary adjustments to help others achieve the best quality of life. She has come through with success at times when traditional medicine failed. Joined forces with medical MD for 5 years to successfully proove that supplements can improve negative blood work numbers and help people achieve quality health in their lives. Founded Professional Nutrition Services in 1984, Created the Webster Village Holistic Health Center in 2013. Loves performing wedding ceremonies as an Non-Denominational Minister and offers Health, Life and Marriage Coaching.