March Newsletter From Marge

margeHappy March!  This is the month of Leprechaun’s, Lucky Four Leaf Clovers and my birth month. So, I consider March a pretty special month.  Good things happen in March!

We have had several Turbo-1000 weight loss successes from our New Year’s Resolution Group that have given up anywhere from 10 lbs of fat to 32 lbs.  They are looking awesome and feeling great, which of course is the goal. While they are transitioning off the Turbo-1000, many want to continue to achieve more and keep that great feeling.  I am so proud of this group!

We now have positive comments coming back from our fabulous new “TBR” Total Body Repair products since all of the participants I speak with give TBR two thumbs up! Our clients are finding that their aches and pains are significantly reduced while some fund their pain was completely eliminated. Can you imagine using your shoulders, knees, back, hips normally agin? There is nothing better than being able to move and walk without your feet “killing” you.  TBR helps relieve inflammation from Fibromyalgia, all forms of Arthritis, stiffness, gout, as well as works to improve hormone imbalances, sleep issues, libido and fatigue. I have found that if you feel better than you sleep better, which means your days are better.

TBR bottleIf you have been searching for years trying to find ways to help hormone imbalance, than TBR is for you!  Try this before you start taking all those expensive “bio-identical” formulas.  It helps support the endocrine system, blocks excess cortisol production, balances hormones for women and raises Testosterone levels in men. What a great product this is!

TBR’s active ingredient is Velvet Deer Antler, which has been used in China for over 2000 years.  There is a significant amount of research on this natural, organic product that dates back to the Han Dynasty in 206BC.  Velvet Deer Antler has been used in Russia, Korea, China and now the United States for all different deficiencies.  It can be used by young children as well as to help treat ailments in pets as well.

If you know anyone that suffers with aches, pains, joint or muscle issues, hormone issues, stress, injuries or recent surgery, have them get TBR.  If you want to know which TBR product you should use, visit  for answers.

Personally, I have told many of you that I am PAIN FREE and now so is my husband .  I know many of you have the same desire to feel this good every day.  TBR is definitely worth it!  Can you tell how much I Love this product?   So will you!

chadWe welcome Chad Scaccia as a permanent fixture at our front desk.  Yes, he is my son and is working out fantastic.  He has invoked many new changes and is the reason we started looking at utilizing our favorite product, “TBR”.  Having grown up in this environment, he offers a different perspective to both new and seasoned clientele.  He understands what we do and provides assistance where needed.  I can see he will be the future of Professional Nutrition Services for years to come.  I am thrilled to have him as part of my team and having my grandchildren in town is a great perk too!

We want to welcome Christina LaDuca Costa to our wonderful Feel Great Center.  Christina has her own business in our center for Spa Facials, Body Treatments & Massages.  She is a professional member of the “AMTA”  American Massage Therapy Association.  To give her services a try, call her directly at 585-545-5245.

Make this a Happy Month for you too!   If it is time to get re-tested then it is time to make the appointment.  Stop procrastinating!  Pick up your phone right now and call 585-787-4251 or go online and make your own appointment from our booking website CLICK HERE to schedule now.

May you pick the lucky four leaf clover!


About Marge

Marge has been working in the Nutrition Field since 1984. She has over 30+ years experience working with vitamins, minerals, herbs and dietary adjustments to help others achieve the best quality of life. She has come through with success at times when traditional medicine failed. Joined forces with medical MD for 5 years to successfully proove that supplements can improve negative blood work numbers and help people achieve quality health in their lives. Founded Professional Nutrition Services in 1984, Created the Webster Village Holistic Health Center in 2013. Loves performing wedding ceremonies as an Non-Denominational Minister and offers Health, Life and Marriage Coaching.

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