Alpha 2010™ Spa System

We are the only Upstate New York   Massage location that can offer beneficial results of massage how it should be with the unique attributes of TheAlpha 2010 Spa Bed Alpha 2010™Spa Bed and we are in Rochester, NY.

The Massage Benefits

Dry Heat Sauna

Cleanses the skin.  This feature allows for immediate relaxation with your body bathed in a warm flow of heated air.  Temperatures are adjustable ranging from 110 to 180 degrees Farenheit.  The heat is controlled by patented computer microchip technology to allow for even distribution.  A session with this feature offers relaxation, cleansing and massage benefits.

Vibrator Bed

It starts with a Ergonomic Contour Bed which allows for the most comfortable fit to your body.  Evenly distributes weight with cushioned support eliminating pressure points to allow for the feeling of relaxed air suspension.  The contoured shape evenly delivers vibration massage to all parts of your body.  There are two rheostat controls at your finger tips allowing customized massage vibration settings.  The adjustable pulsating harmonic rhythms range from rapid strokes to long and deep waves.

Aroma System

The Alpha’s unique Aroma System allows a choice of any or all four aromatic scents for vigor, health, relaxation and cleansing to flow over your body and fill the air chamber.  Pure Essential Oils are used  to enhance feelings such as relaxation, creativity, romance and improves health, beauty and well being.  Four independent nebulizers allow delicate bursts of aroma.  Benefits include nourishing, conditioning and moisturizing skin as well as relaxation for health and well being.

Audio System

The combination of music and massage is known to be very beneficial to your body and mind.   The positive effect of sound has been used for more than 5000 years.  Using sound to relax and de-stress offers immediate mental response from the brain and long term physical effects for the body.  Listening to relaxing music or a motivational message on CD delivered through a high fidelity stereo sound system with the choice of speakers or headphones for your total listening experience.

Sanitary Lamp

In the base of the Alpha 2010 Bed, the dry air is exposed to a sanitary lamp that is located under the bed, deodorizes, disinfects and helps to purify the air you breath in the chamber.

Cool Face Air

Cool air flows lightly upon your face refreshing and relaxing your whole body/mind experience.  A continuous stream of adjustable cool air movement from the lowest level (1) to the highest level (7) enhances the pleasure of each session as it allows you to remain comfortable no matter what the intensity of the heat you choose for your program.


What is the Experience Like?

If you are in the Rochester, NY area or plan to visit,  this is a  massage gift you give to yourself that soothes, stimulates and conditions all of the human senses simultaneously for the ultimate in sleep help, health, beauty, pain relief and relaxation.

While wearing comfortable loose clothing, under garments or all natural, the capsule encloses you up to your neck in the ergonomically contoured bed where you then get bathed in flowing gentle air. The temperature is adjustable from 110 degrees F to 180 degrees F.

After a few minutes your body starts to experience the relaxation you get from the vibratory massage and the deep back and thigh heat from the pads that help to soothe and relieve muscle aches and pains. Cool air flows lightly across the face keeping your head cool and refreshed. While you listen to the stereo system your body is being massaged by pulsating, harmonic vibration surges in variable waves.

The adjustable rhythms range from rapid strokes to long, deep waves that allow a range of therapy from delicate to deep penetration. You emerge from the Alpha 2010 Spa experience after 20 or 30 minutes refreshed, relaxed and de-stressed.

It is amazing how good you can feel after only 30 minutes.

You also have your choice of 12 pre-set programs that range from Meditation to Deep Cleansing. The Alpha 2010 also has a program for sleep help or deprivation as seen on CNN.



This Medical Spa Experience is Heavenly!




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