weight_ScaleYou Lost The Weight, Now What?

Many people have changed their whole lives to lose the excess weight, but when the program has completed, what is the next step? Most are terrified of putting even a pound of that lost weight back on. Here’s your opportunity to be supported by holistic nutrition and weight loss expert, Marge Pickering-Picone.

Marge has personally created video blogs, discussion boards, Q&A pages, and webinars to help you keep that weight off- No More Yo-Yo Dieting!

Choose the best membership for you:

Option#1: Gold “Keep It Off” Membership:

Take charge of your weight loss with our NEW Gold ‘Keep It Off’ Membership!


– Weekly emails

– Articles

– Videos from our certified Life Coach

– Webinars

– Recipes and much more!

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Option 2: Platinum “Keep It Off ” Membership

Worried about putting the weight back on you just worked so hard to lose?

Put your mind at ease with our NEW Platinum ‘Keep It Off’ Membership!

Here you will receive monthly personal coaching sessions with Certified Life Coach, Marge Pickering-Picone.



-Weekly Emails

– Articles

– Webinars

-And Much More!

Take charge of your weight loss and keep it off with the personalized help of Marge!

Start your 6 month program TODAY for $19.95*!

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