Muscle Testing Frequently Asked Questions, Part V


Q: Why does everything I ingest bother my stomach?

A: There may be several reasons for this, one of which could be the foods you are eating. We recommend our clients eat foods that are compatible with their blood types, and this works well to help alleviate digestive issues. For Type O’s, a diet that consists of meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits, helps to keep them strong and healthy.  Add wheat or dairy to their diet and that’s when the trouble starts. They feel gassy and bloated and may even get stomach pain.  The same issues happen to Type A’s who eat meat, instead of the vegetarian and seafood diet that they should be consuming.

Another reason for stomach issues may be that you don’t have enough stomach acid to properly breakdown what you’re taking in, which will also interfere with your body’s ability to absorb food and nutrients. This is usually the case for people who shouldn’t be or who are not used to eating meat, who have taken certain medications that block stomach acid, genetics, age and a variety of other reasons. To help with this, we recommend a digestive enzyme to help break down food, which allows the proteins, carbs, and fats to be successfully assimilated.

We will discuss this issue more in our follow-up blog. Stay tuned!



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