Nutritional Impacts of Alcohol Consumption

Nutritional Impacts of Alcohol Consumption

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by Marge Pickering-Picone, December 1, 2014.

Drinking alcohol may be fun, but it sure does not rank high on the healthy list. Most believe it only has short term effects on the human body. Researchers have suggested that drinking one glass of red wine has been said to be good for our health, but unfortunately most do not stop at just one glass. I am here to tell you that drinking just one alcoholic drink still physically impacts on our nutritional values than can cause fatigue, communication, memory problems, weight loss or gain and faltering movements. In addition, there are also long term effects of alcohol toxicity putting you at risk for Pancreatitis, liver disease, heart problems and mood alterations.


What we consume affects every aspect of our bodily functions. When we drink alcohol it inhibits our enzyme function which in turn starts a domino effect. When the enzymes are compromised, breakdown of our food is insufficient and this in turn reduces the nutrients we are able to absorb from our food that keeps us healthy and functional.  Consistent consumption of alcohol is known to destroy the lining of your stomach as well as the lining of your intestines.  This also creates a more chronic problem with absorption of all our food, nutrients, glucose and even water.

According to the Life Extension Foundation For Longer Life, casual drinkers utilizing supplements may help reduce damage caused by drinking. You can check out the Life Extension Article here:

Bottom Line:  

If you intend to drink, do something to help replenish yourself.  At least offer your system help with Life Extension’s “Anti-Alcohol Antioxidants”. (Click here to view the product on our store: When used they offer relief from the damaging effects that alcohol consumption causes.

With the holidays upon us, call to order your best friend (or yourself!), the “hangover helper”  to have available for when you indulge.  You just may thank yourself when the alarm goes off in the morning!


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