Do You Feel Your Doctor Ignores You When You Speak?

Tweet I recently did MRT (muscle testing) on one of our former doctor’s patients and she wanted to know why I could list her symptoms without her having even told me or having read her file prior to her visit. How did I list these by just doing muscle testing […]

Muscle Testing at Professional Nutrition Services

I Can’t Drink That Much Water – I Bloat?

Tweet In general, increasing water intake is an extremely health thing to do.  You bloat because when you drink water out of a glass, you also drink in a lot of air.  When you hear yourself gulping that is a clue you are drinking too quickly and the sound is […]

Do You Know How Water Helps the Largest Waste Organ of Your Body?

Tweet   Some of us don’t even realize that our Skin is the Largest Waste Organ and we only view it as something that covers our bones.  It actually maintains our body temperature, supports our immune system and produces Vitamin D as well as some hormones.  It has an outer […]

Can Water Help My Urinary Tract Infections?

Tweet Yes, doubling the amount of 8 glasses will seem to help drown the infection causing you to eliminate more often.  This volume and frequency will help to flush out the bacteria and toxins.  If you have vitamin C handy start taking 1000mg every hour until it causes loose bowels.  […]

Learn How Water Helps Allergies

Tweet All biological functions have one common player…Water.  Your body consists of over 70% water.  Histamines (that chemical involved in allergic reactions) are also involved with the way your body preserves water.  So, if you do not drink sufficient amounts of water every day, this chemical increases its production to […]

Do You “Lose It” Over Little Stuff?

Tweet Do the little everyday mundane things that happen in life make you lose your cool?  Too many little stressors such as traffic on the way to work, chatty co-workers, too many emails to answer, those 10 messages on your phone or your children calling to ask dumb questions can […]

Don’t Go Another Day Looking Older!

Tweet Stress can take a toll on your skin and make you look older than what you are.  Why look older when there is a way to help to manage premature aging.  Those fine lines and wrinkles can be reduced and those pores can look a lot tighter with between […]

Are You Too Stressed To Sleep?

Tweet   Do the conversations in your head keep you awake at night?  If the stress in your life is compounding and overloading your days, it will begin to affect your sleep schedule. Your body perceives the lack of sleep as a stressful act and starts producing the body’s stress […]

How Is “Stress” Affecting Your Memory?

Tweet Short Term Memory is absolutely affected by your stress level.  Steady blood sugar levels are important to how healthy your brain can function and your cognitive function is affected by your nutritional status.  If you have a stressful job, high carb/sugar diet, high caffeine intake and sleep poorly, you […]