Don’t Go Another Day Looking Older!

Tweet Stress can take a toll on your skin and make you look older than what you are.  Why look older when there is a way to help to manage premature aging.  Those fine lines and wrinkles can be reduced and those pores can look a lot tighter with between […]

Are You Too Stressed To Sleep?

Tweet   Do the conversations in your head keep you awake at night?  If the stress in your life is compounding and overloading your days, it will begin to affect your sleep schedule. Your body perceives the lack of sleep as a stressful act and starts producing the body’s stress […]

How Is “Stress” Affecting Your Memory?

Tweet Short Term Memory is absolutely affected by your stress level.  Steady blood sugar levels are important to how healthy your brain can function and your cognitive function is affected by your nutritional status.  If you have a stressful job, high carb/sugar diet, high caffeine intake and sleep poorly, you […]

3 Things People Use Everyday That Increase “STRESS”

Tweet These items are things that people use everyday because they are extremely fatigued and are looking desperately for a “quick fix” to get through their next chore or hour of work.  Caffeine is used to start many of your days.  Some people say they can’t be without it or […]

Do You Have Ulcers?

Tweet Most of us think that high stomach acid from Stress is the cause of an ulcer.  Actually, scientists in early 1980 determined that most ulcers are actually caused by a bacteria called H.Pylori.  And guess what?  If you are an O Blood Type you are twice as likely to […]

Do You Ever Get Headaches in Your Left Eye or Left Temple Area?

Tweet Those headaches usually come from stress.  Stress takes fuel in the form of a vitamin, mineral or amino acid.  We normally provide enough fuel to match or balance our output.  Breakfast gets us to the next fuel time of Lunch and so on.  If we do not eat enough […]

Do You Consider Your Life to Be Stress Free?

Tweet Stress shows itself in Mental, Emotional and Physical Ways.  We all experience some form of Stress.  Many people I muscle test try to tell me that they have a stress free life yet need help in areas of patience, tolerance, fears, nervousness, sleep problems, digestive disorders and bathroom difficulties […]

Do you suffer from hearing loss or tinnitus?

Tweet   Everyone thinks that the only reasons to experience these are from listening to loud music, exposure to loud noise or getting old. The worst one is from "ototoxic" drugs. Medications frequently associated with "ototoxicity" are some antibiotics, diuretics, anti-inflammatories and analgesics. The most used being aspirin. Other sources […]