Are All Forms of Vitamin D Created Equal?

Tweet We all need Vitamin D, but what many do not know is that the type of Vitamin D they consume is important.  Many doctors are writing scripts for high doses of Vitamin D2.  I recommend Vitamin D3 as we do not naturally make Vitamin D2 in our bodies, therefore […]

June Newsletter- Allergy Strategies & News from Marge

Tweet Notes from Marge       Here we are at the doorstep of summer.  Isn’t it fantastic to see all the trees in bloom and the seasonal flowers popping?  The lilacs and wisteria are beautiful.  Unfortunately, my eyes are the barometer of too many things blooming at the same time.  People cutting […]

May Newsletter

Tweet A Message from Marge It is now May and what I think about is renewal.  Everything needs to be cleaned up and refreshed for new growth.  We can hopefully hang up those winter clothes and start wearing lighter weight, colorful garments.  Things start to look pretty dull over the […]

April Newsletter~ Message from Marge

Tweet It’s another month on our calendar and like you, I am hoping Spring will soon be here.  I love Spring!  The little buds breaking through the ground as the tulips, crocus & hostas let us know that the cold will soon take leave. (Keep our fingers crossed for that!) […]

Suffering From Seasonal Allergies? By Mary Congilaro

Tweet As spring allergy season emerges in the northern part of our country over the next few months, some 40 million Americans will suffer from seasonal allergies: animal dander, mold spores and tree pollen. Many will experience: itchy, watery eyes, sneezing and congestion, accompanied by sinus headaches, even asthma attacks, […]

March Newsletter

Tweet A Note From Marge February is coming to a close.  I know none of us will be sorry to see the snow and cold give way to March Spring!  It has been getting busier in our offices and for that I am so grateful. I am honored that you entrust […]

Fine Lines & Wrinkles- Be Gone!

Tweet Just Imagine… You just received an invitation to a class reunion or a family wedding.  You take inventory of what is in your closet to wear and choose something that doesn’t outdate you.  Now, you look in the mirror and find 5 reasons not to go. fine lines & […]

Which One Are You?

Tweet Are you the person that accepts limitations on your health? OR Are you the highly motivated person that when told you have a problem, you look for another way to help yourself?   It shouldn’t come as much surprise, but I am the second! When I started in 1982 […]

Is this Crazy Weather Reaping Havoc on your Health?

Tweet   Is this icy cold weather reaping havoc on your health?  Jumping from warm to cold several times during the day wears us out.  Shivering uses up our physical fuel making us more tired in these winter months than we want.  According to you can burn up to […]

Did You Over Indulge During the Holidays?

Tweet Sometimes we over indulge on extra sweets and specialty foods that only come out during the holidays. We convince ourselves that it is only once a year and we deserve to enjoy the “fruits” of the season. The question is- what happens to us once the holidays are over and we keep […]