So, Who Takes Care of You?

Tweet We give so much of ourselves on a daily basis to others: working, cooking, cleaning, caring, connecting, providing, listening, and volunteering- but who takes care of us? Life has a habit of beating us down unless we set aside time to prioritize and take care of ourselves. We do not […]

Do You Dread Mirrors?

Tweet -How do you feel about the way you present yourself? -Is there anything you can do to improve your personal presentation? -Do you wait so long to do something for yourself that are unsure of what to do first? Aging and You The one thing I have learned is […]

Multivitamins- A Waste of Money?

Tweet Are Multivitamins A Waste of Money? Read what Marge has to say: Multi-Vitamins have been getting quite a bit of negative press lately. This is due in large part to the medical community’s lack of study in the use of supplements and nutrition.  The majority of the medical community […]

Have You Taken Enough Time For Yourself?

Tweet Have you taken enough time for yourself?   This is the time of year that everyone evaluates the list of things they could, should or would have done over the year to improve their lives if they had only found the time. You promised yourself to eat right, exercise, […]

3 Quick Lessons on HORMONES!

Tweet   3 Quick Lessons on Hormones 1. Don’t blame everything going on in your body as the fault of your hormones.  There are nutritional balances that can be corrected to relieve symptoms that you only think are hormonally related.  When the body is fatigued, it will draw fuel from […]

Take This Quiz…Your Health May Depend On It!

Tweet Take This Short Quiz….Your Health May Depend On It! Do you suffer with digestive problems?   Do you have unexplained fatigue especially after you eat? Is your body fat increasing? Are you anxious and easily aggravated or suffer with depression? Do you have muscle or joint discomfort? Do you feel […]

The Way You Look At “Wellness”

Wellness is individual and personal. Unfortunately when we seek medical help all of our symptoms are categorized. The antidote that is written is generalized which means thousands of prescriptions are given without knowing the outcome but they are suppose to supply wellness.

Why Should I Want to be Gluten Free?

Tweet   There are many studies that link gluten to problems related to inflammation in the Central Nervous System.  Some show balance and gait problem.  Others may have tremors, foggy brain, digestive or elimination difficulties.  Why wait until you are diagnosed with Obesity, MS, Celiac or Crohn’s disease?  Wean wheat […]

Heart Issues

Tweet My own testimonial to Heart Afflictions. I had blood work done at my request back in 2006 through my PCP to test for markers that inform you about heart attacks, strokes and cholesterol problems. My cholesterol came back light and fluffy and non-dangerous. The other markers proved to tell […]