Personalized Vitamin Plans (MRT)

MRT offers personalized vitamin plans

Personalized Vitamin Plan-MRT

Personalized Vitamin Supplement Plans Offer How to use Vitamins, Mineral Supplements with MRT (Muscle Testing)

Are you feeling tired, lethargic, moody or just not the way you desire?  Unable to sleep properly? Do you notice that everything you eat bothers you?  Do you fear what your next doctor visit will reveal?  Get your body back on track to feeling great.
Your body runs on fuel that it extracts from the foods you consume.   Each vitamin and mineral is essential to proper body functioning, therefore when the human body is deficient in these essential nutrients the body cannot function properly and becomes symptomatic.  For Example:  When your car engine light turns on, you take your car to the mechanic.  When your oil light goes on, you change the oil so the car runs properly.  When your gas gauge drops near “E”, you get more gas.   Your body offers you many signs and signals to let you know that something is low and needs replacement.  99% of us ignore or avoid the signs until something chronic or drastic makes us seek out medical attention.   How about doing preventative service to avoid heading down that chronic road to longterm health issues.
Through a painless non-invasive form of applied kinesiology known as Muscle Resistance Testing (MRT), expert nutrition professionals are able determine the vitamin and minerals your body is missing.  You are guided and taught ways to replace needed nutrition through diet and supplements for optimal body functioning.  Our Mission is to help our clients Feel Great and Look Great.   Get started with your own personalized diet and supplement plan today!      Want to learn more about MRT? Click here for our latest article
Personalized Vitamin Supplement Plans (MRT)

Orig. $150 per session

Now: $125

18 years and under: $75

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