Seasonal Depression, Part V

The blues or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) gets the most notice during the winter months.  We think we have it all together and when it comes time to take action, we procrastinate, fumble and find ourselves wishing time away.   We get angry and lash out for no real reason other than things are irritating us or someone is occupying too much of our space.  Frankly, when Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) kicks in we are annoyed at everything and everybody.  Being in the same room with ourselves can even give us reason to believe there is no help or cure.

There are many who are unable to take the Medications offered for (SAD) Seasonal Affective Disorder and search out natural or alternative approaches to accomplish their desired goal.  Natural Remedies may include a calming neurotransmitter like GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid) and utilizing LED Light Therapy.   As you know, we have them both.  The light therapy we offer for the face is the Beauty Gold and we also have full body light therapy with the Spa Feng Shui.  You can read about the benefits of Light Therapy for SAD and also Skin care at Wikipedia.

Ways to improve your mood naturally can be determined best by testing through MRT (a muscle testing procedure) to point us in the best direction of vitamin/mineral/herbs or an appointment with Dr. Leila to examine hormone levels and/or Light Therapy Packages that would improve your skin along with your mood.  Check out the site at to determine the best path for you to get control of your Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD).

About Marge

Marge has been working in the Nutrition Field since 1984. She has over 30+ years experience working with vitamins, minerals, herbs and dietary adjustments to help others achieve the best quality of life. She has come through with success at times when traditional medicine failed. Joined forces with medical MD for 5 years to successfully proove that supplements can improve negative blood work numbers and help people achieve quality health in their lives. Founded Professional Nutrition Services in 1984, Created the Webster Village Holistic Health Center in 2013. Loves performing wedding ceremonies as an Non-Denominational Minister and offers Health, Life and Marriage Coaching.