Therapeutic Spa Treatments

PNS marketing 1370Therapeutic Spa Treatments relieve your physical tension & mental stress while your skin is nourished with one of our anti-aging skin renewal treatments formulated to tighten, tone & hydrate to restore your youthful, smooth appearance.

Therapeutic Skin Renewal Spa Treatments

To enhance the benefits of your facial masques, we utilize the Beauty Gold LED light therapy programs. Come see how we can help you reverse the signs of aging with firming facial treatments and LED light therapy.  While you are relaxing and feeling stress free in our Alpha Spa Bed your skin is being revived and infused with Collagen or Nutrients to improve and plump up those cells beneath the dermis of your skin to tighten, tone and replenish that healthy, vibrant, youthful glow.  These Therapeutic Spa Treatments leave you looking and feeling great!  Packages are available!  Gift Certificates are available!

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Renewing Collagen Facial Treatment

Soothe and repair skin with a hydrating collagen facial masque that reduces fine lines and improves skin elasticity while your whole body relaxes in our calming European Alpha Spa Bed.  Keep yourself looking 10 years younger

Orig. $115  Now: $65


Deluxe Nuface Quick Lift Facial Treatment

Enjoy the popular, As Seen On TV, Five Minute Facelift from Nuface in our European Feng Shui Spa Bed. Ellen, Dr. Oz and The Doctors all recommend Nuface as a pain-free method to reducing wrinkles and improving tone. Relish the proven benefits of Nuface while exfoliating and bathing your skin a premium hydration experience.

 Orig. $125  Now: $90


Calming C-3 Mitate Facial Treatment

Learn more about C-3 Mitate- (click here)

Relieve tight muscles as you relax in our European Alpha Spa Bed while you diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while improving discolorations and visible imperfections with the popular C-3 Mitate masque.

Orig. $115  Now: $75

Decadent Chocolate Facial Treatment

A unique rejuvenating experience in our European Alpha Spa Bed combined with a decadent chocolate masque that enriches skin in essential vitamins leaving it soft, smooth, and looking radiant.
Orig. $115  Now: $55


Body Cleansing Ionic Footbath

Re-balance, renew and cleanse your entire system by eliminating toxic substances and heavy metal stored in your body. Increase energy and oxygen levels with our purifying 30 min Ionic Detox Footbath.

Orig. $40  Now: $30

European Alpha Spa Bed

Remove tightness and discomfort in this ergonomic contour bed designed specifically to eliminate pressure points. Release stress as your body is bathed in a warm flow of heated air while vibratory massage and deep back and thigh heat pads soothe and relieve muscle aches and pains.

30 min: $30

European Feng Shui Spa Bed

Immerse your body in LED full body light therapy while the comforting warmth steams minerals and nutrients right into dehydrated skin. Release all tension with special calming vibratory massage, aroma and sound therapies.

30 min: $35

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Therapeutic packages:

 Relax and Rejuvenate Package ~ $55

First release those built up body toxins through your feet, cleansing and revitalizing your entire body with a 30 minute Ionic Footbath, then let the warmth of the steam, aromatics and soothing vibration drift you into complete relaxation with 30 rejuvenating minutes in our European Feng Shui Bed.


Deluxe Collagen Package ~ $85

Reinvigorate, firm and hydrate your face, neck, lips and under eye with our complete collagen restorative treatments. Collagen will restore damaged skin and improve fine lines and wrinkles. Enjoy this deluxe treatment while melting away tension in our European Full Body LED Feng Shui Spa bed.

Soften and Hydration Package ~ $65

Restore lost hydration from damaging environment conditions with a paraffin hand wax followed by your choice of a Luxurious Pumpkin or Decadent Chocolate mask and 30 minutes of pure bliss in our European Full Body LED Feng Shui Bed.

 *SPECIAL* Acne Treatment Package (60 min) ~$115  Now ONLY~ $95

Alleviate acne and blemishes with our Acne Treatment Package, which includes: Cleansing * Exfoliating & Toner * Draw & Tighten Masque * 25 Minute Beauty Gold LED Light Treatment with A Moisture Repair Masque

Add-On To Any Treatment or Package:

Lift, Tone & Sculpt Add-on ~$25

Lift, tone and tighten your face with the popular, As Seen on TV Nuface. Enjoy 15 minutes of the micronutrient muscle toning facelift proven to reduce wrinkles, improve skin tone while making skin softer and smoother.

Paraffin Hand Wax Treatment ~ $10

Collagen Lip or Under Eye Treatment ~ $10

Collagen Neck Treatment ~ $15

Ionic Footbath ~$25

Packages Available


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