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Detox Foot Bath is asked for by many different names.  The premises is to relieve the body of Toxic Materials so the body functions at it best.

ionic Detox Foot bath

After 10 minutes

Below, many questions answered regarding the utilization of an Detox Foot Bath.

Why Should I Use the Ionic Body Balancer Detox Foot Bath?

The Ionic Footbath re-balances, renews, and cleanses the entire organ system of your body. It eliminates most toxic substances stored in your muscles and fat cells to increase your energy, oxygen levels, as well as increase your vibrancy for life and much more!

How Does An Ionic Body Balancer  Detox Foot Bath Work?

The Ionizer, also known as the Array, is placed in ionized water and fed positive Direct Current (Note, it is not AC that comes out of the wall socket). One part of the Array is fed the Positive Current while the other part is fed Negative Current.  This results in a small amount of water that has been deconstructed into Hydrogen and Oxygen Molecules.  This creates a negative Ionic charge in the water.

The energy in the spa water enters the body through the Meridian or Reflexology Points on the bottom of your feet or palms of your hands, using them like power lines.  Our bodies are electrical devices and the Meridians are critical to its function.  The energy that enters your body stimulates the Meridians to function more efficiently and in turn energizes the body.


What Happens When You Use An Ionic Body Balancer to Cleanse & Detox?

Toxins, heavy metals and other unnatural elements attach themselves to the tissues of the body using a positive ionic bond.  The energy from the Ionic Body Balancer is negatively charged and stronger than the positive charge the Toxic Materials use to attach themselves to the body.  This allows the Ionic energy from the Ionic Body Balancer to break the bond between the toxins and body tissue so it can be carried away by the Lymphatic System.  The Lymphatic System dumps everything into the bloodstream, which eventually has to be cleansed by the Liver and Kidneys.

The Liver and Kidneys dump the waste into the Excretory System for elimination.  Illness, joint pain, lethargy, headaches are a few of the symptoms experienced when there is a glitch in the normal elimination process.  As your body improves from use of the Ionic Body Balancer, your pH may become more alkaline (which is what you want), because it protects you from future infectious bacteria, viruses, etc.


What About the Toxins that Actually Come From the 2,000 Pores in Each Foot?

cleanse & Detox Foot Bath

after 30 minutes

These toxins are from leakage in the Lymphatic System that have not yet been processed by the Liver and Kidneys or eliminated through normal channels.  The colors you see in the foot bath water are a small amount of the detox that takes place inside your body.

This leakage material is what causes your foot bath water to turn colors.  Each treatment for individuals will look slightly different.  It is estimated that the toxins seen in the foot bath water represent 10% of the total detox process.  The other 90% happens in your body up to several days after your treatment.  That is why we promote consumption of water in adequate amounts after an Ionic Body Cleanse.

Why Do I Seem to Feel Better and Ache Less?

The energy from the footbath water cleanses the cells and seems to recharge them as though they were tiny batteries.  Clients using the Ionic Body Balancer tell us they have more energy.  Some feel it immediately and others after three or more times.  Everyone seems to respond differently.  Certain frequencies help to eliminate various parasites in our bodies that cause gas, bloating, constipation or other more severe problems.  There have been many reports of relief from joint pain, neuropathy foot pain, fibromyalgia discomfort, stiffness and locked finger joints.

Many people have chronic issues with sinus, lung or ear problems from the many molds and fungi that try to take up permanent residency in our homes or offices. The frequencies at which energy travels from the foot bath can improve the elimination of some
of the uninvited guests, and help the body heal.

Can I Have Adverse Reactions?

Some report an itching sensation during their footbath treatment. This comes from a higher than normal acidity level in your body.  Your Ionic Body Balance Session can leach the excess acid causing an itching sensation and possibly what looks like a rash or redness.  This happens as our body should be slightly alkaline and many of us are high in acidity. Removing excess acidity is a good thing and it would be uncommon for the discomfort to last more than a couple hours (Typically, the itching lasts no more than a few minutes following the footbath).

For those that experience headaches, aches or slight nausea, it can be possibly attributed to parasites, viruses, and/or bacteria that decompose inside your body. This is similar to when you take an antibiotic.  The invaders release toxic chemicals as they die off, which can make you feel ill.

Feeling tired is a common reaction.  It has given many a good night’s sleep after the first use and energy from thereafter. This is caused by the release of endorphins in the brain.  Rapid detoxing is known to cause tiredness immediately after a treatment, followed by an experience of higher energy the following day.

Some report tingling on ankles at the waterline. This has to do with the amount of ions used for conduction.  Some are more sensitive and would just use less salt in future foot baths.  The tingling will not harm you and will subside within a short time.

Due to salt and current in the water, any open cut or crack in the heel area will feel a sharp Quick Sting that will pass quickly.  The current and salt in the water will kill the bacteria on the exposed skin and the wound or cracks will repair quicker.


What if I Have Metallic Implants?

Metal pins, plates, rods or other metallic implants that do not require a battery to serve their purpose are fine.  These will not have an impact with a Detox Treatment.

Who Should Not Use the Ionic Body Balancer?

People with Pacemakers, Transplant Recipients, Electronic Implants or Pregnant Women should NOT use these units.  Pregnant women may resume after 2 to 3 months after childbirth or when breastfeeding is complete.

Not recommended for Children under 12.

Disclaimer:  This product is not intended to treat or cure any illness or disease.  This is not a medical device.  If you experience any discomfort or pain during your Detox Foot Bath Session, stop immediately.  Some individuals do not experience benefits from the Detox Foot Baths until 2-3 treatments.


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