Do You Sport a “Pot Belly”?

A “Pot Belly” may be from a poorly chosen dietary intake and then again your body may be trying to get your attention. When your body expands in the middle it is a great indicator that your adrenals are draining important nutrient values from your body. Your output of body energy is greater than your intake and it is stressing out your system. Your system then starts to steal value from every available nutrient you possess. You try sleeping longer, taking a vacation day or stimulating more adrenaline by drinking power drinks and caffeine products. Some will indulge in sweets and starches to have that up and down energy effect. You have started on a ride of destruction!

What Most Do

Many have tried using their primary care physician to guide them when they are in trouble. If they see you have a “pot belly” your diet is already the culprit. If your blood work does not offer a clue and your diet is okay by their standards, their hands are tied and you leave frustrated. They offer you to come back in 3 to 6 months if nothing has improved and you have not cheated on your diet to see if anything shows up yet in the blood work. If it does, they give you a diagnosis and one or more prescriptions and have you return in 6 months. Now you are miserable, frustrated and probably 10 pounds heavier from the medications. The process is repeated until you finally do show for something.

Basically, I’ve been told you have a 5 year window when you start getting symptoms and actually showing markers for chronic ailments. That is why if a doctor does standard blood work they are not apt to find a problem or they make you feel that it is all in your head. There are thousands of different lab tests to test blood but modern medicine is just that – modern. The practices get pinged by the insurance company for doing unnecessary blood work that they choose from categories “outside the box”. They don’t want to break the rules to help you out but they will offer you an anti-depressant or send you to a therapist.

What Can You Do?

Take your health into your own hands. Become your own advocate. Create a team of trusted advisors to guide you through to success. Get pre qualified for the right direction for your goals. If I had not done that for myself – I don’t know what my health would be like today and this office would not exist for you to find your path. If getting rid of the “pot belly” is your ultimate goal, you can find out if a supplement program will pave the path or adding an all-natural weight loss program would do the job. Let us guide you on your road to all- natural weight loss. Call us today for your FREE consult with one of our weight loss experts!  585-787-4251

About Marge

Marge has been working in the Nutrition Field since 1984. She has over 30+ years experience working with vitamins, minerals, herbs and dietary adjustments to help others achieve the best quality of life. She has come through with success at times when traditional medicine failed. Joined forces with medical MD for 5 years to successfully proove that supplements can improve negative blood work numbers and help people achieve quality health in their lives. Founded Professional Nutrition Services in 1984, Created the Webster Village Holistic Health Center in 2013. Loves performing wedding ceremonies as an Non-Denominational Minister and offers Health, Life and Marriage Coaching.