The Digestive Disorder Epidemic- How Digestive Enzymes Can Help

Nancy McCull pictureThe Digestive Disorder Epidemic- How Digestive Enzymes Can Help

Guest Blog:

Nancy McCullough Stabins RN,CNHP
Digestive Health Specialist
Natural Alternatives, Inc.


       Individuals are experiencing digestive issues and disorders at an epidemic rate. Acid reflux, bloating, burping, flatulence, constipation, diarrhea, insomnia, anxiety and immune system dysfunction can all be symptoms of a digestive condition. Unfortunately, current methods of testing have been shown to be inadequate at recognizing digestive enzymes deficiencies.


    Digestive enzymes are vital to body functioning, because they help break down food into parts small enough to be absorbed by the intestine and transported to our organs for nourishment. Unfortunately, studies have revealed that digestive enzyme production declines as we age. These important digestive enzymes are secreted by our stomach and pancreas. Some believe that taking an enzyme supplement will cause the stomach and pancreas to stop producing enzymes- this is false. An enzyme supplement will actually decrease the workload of the pancreas. Amylase, lipase, and protease are some examples of enzymes. Amylase helps to break down carbohydrates, protease breaks down proteins and lipase breaks down fats.


   Our stomachs need to maintain an acidic environment. If you are having issues with acidic stomach, is it potentially caused by an irritation of the stomach lining rather than an over-acid condition. Several medications that inhibit stomach acid long term can actually increase your risk of developing other serious digestive issues.


   If you are experiencing some of the issues mentioned, consider taking a plant based digestive enzyme. Enzymes are best taken within an hour of eating. It is also important that you chew your food well. Chewing, also known as mastication, helps release the natural enzymes in food.


   Don’t worry- you will not overdose on enzymes. Excess enzymes are stored in the blood for future use. Enzymes are safe to take with medications. So, instead of reaching for the Tums or the “little purple pill”, consider trying an enzyme first. Good health begins in the gut!


Bio: Nancy is the President of Natural Alternatives, Inc., a wellness centered practice located in Webster. Along with being a Loomis Digestive Health Specialist, Registered Nurse and Certified Natural Health Professional, she is a homeopathic practitioner, herbalist and teaches homeopathy around the country. In her spare time she is an avid gardener and enjoys learning about wine with her husband.

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